Song Premiere: Ron Scalzo, ‘I Gotta Rock’

Ron Scalzo I Gotta Rock Cover

The Pop Break is proud to premiere the new single from Ron Scalzo, ‘I Gotta Rock.’

Scalzo is a singer/songwriter, owner of the Bald Freak Music record label, host of the Independent Minded music podcast, and a producer on the Elvis Duran Morning Show.

Sunday might seem like an unusual day to premiere a song, but today marks a day that significantly impacted Scalzo’s music career, and directly influenced his new record, also titled I Gotta Rock.

October 29 marks the five year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy — a natural disaster that affected countless people in the New York, and New Jersey area.

During the storm, Scalzo, who was living in Staten Island, NY at the time of the storm, lost his home, his recording studio, his label, and his entire vinyl collection.

Since the storm Scalzo has reinvented himself as a singer/songwriter, and incorporating piano as the heart of his music — which is particularly on display in “I Gotta Rock.”

“Miraculously, the piano survived the storm…one of the few things that did…and so I saw that as a sign to make that the centerpiece of my music, moving forward.”

“I’d say I’ve come all the way back, but that would imply that I’ve returned to where I was before the storm
changed everything. This is not true. I’m beyond that point.”

Scalzo will perform live at Rockwood Music Hall, 196 Allen Street, in NYC – Thursday, November 16 at 7pm ($10, 21+).

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