Review: Crosswind #5

I’m sure many of you have seen that Crosswind is about to have a TV series in the works, and if you haven’t, well, now you know. Which also makes now a really good time to jump on because the 5th issue usually means a trade is coming out soon and you can catch up really fast and all at once instead of waiting month to month like the rest of us. But then you’ll be hooked and end up reading it month to month anyway, so, just be prepared.

First and foremost, YAY! Mika is still alive! Ok then. At this point in the story, Cason has acclimated to Juniper’s life pretty well, he’s even helped her step-son, Kelly, with his confidence and how to deal with bullies at school…it’s actually a really freaking clever plan that made me laugh. Juniper, however, is still having a tough time acclimating to Cason’s…which isn’t her fault, she’s definitely improved and is doing her best, but damn, Cason had a lot of shit brewing and Juniper arrived in his body just in time for it to blow up. She’s hit a point where she keeps her cool too in these…tense situations.

This issue is incredibly important because we FINALLY meet the man behind the voice on the phone, Mr. Vox, and we learn that his motives are actually a lot darker than we were lead to believe. I mean, making two people switch bodies can’t really have a “good” motive, but still, it’s pretty messed up. Honestly, I do get why he’s mad, but geez. It’s a bit much. Like…pump your breaks, guy.

Oh, we also learn how he did it. Which boils down to basically he has mystical powers and he can make souls switch bodies. He cannot switch his own soul, though. Which I feel like is something important to note. I don’t know why, I just think it’s going to be relevant later. I could be totally wrong though and just wasted your valuable memory space. That’s not even the worst part though, to top off an angry old man with super powers, he decides to team up with Cruz who is basically a nutjob. Dude is definitely missing some screws up there. Now Juniper has to get back to Cason before Mr. Vox and Cruz do.

Cat Staggs continues to give us this beautiful, water-color-esque art. I still can’t get over sometimes how much the characters look like real people. They don’t look like what you see in most comics. They don’t look like cartoons. And the detail on their expressions is just masterful. Coupled with Gail Simone’s excellent dialogue, you can seriously watch and listen to every scene as if it were a movie. Making this comic into a show should be a piece of cake honestly, it’s all right there for you.


While I still really enjoyed the last issue, it didn’t pull me in like the first three. However, I’m really happy to say that Issue 5 brought it back. I can’t wait for Juniper and Cason to meet each other in person…in each other’s bodies…I can’t wait for their souls to meet in person. That’s what I mean.

Make sure you pick up Crosswind #5 from your local comic store!

Happy reading!