Review: Deadman #1

Deadman was always one of those characters that interested me because of one very crazy fact. That Boston was almost stronger dead than alive. I know, I sound crazy, but what I mean is that because his life was cut short he’s able to help others in a weird way now.

Once he was shot he was able to use his ghostly form to possess the living as he needed. The circus performer was definitely strong in his life because he was able to pull off amazing acrobatic stunts. But, sometimes you have to possess a person to really take control of a situation.

We start off this issue with Boston at some crazy plant. Jim Gordon is there too about to do some investigating. Jim is dressed in full safety gear. You can tell this is some serious machinery he’s about to look into. But, just as he’s about to start he sees himself. And, he slowly falls to the floor.

Boston’s twin brother had taken his identity in the circus, and was lucky enough to miss being shot by an assassin. Unfortunately Boston wasn’t as lucky. The Hook assassin is now getting in some serious trouble for failing so miserably. There’s a big reveal here guys, why the hook went after Boston is revealed. So, Boston has followed the grunt assassin to the Hook hangout, and is seeing his sensei give him a beat down for not following orders. Boston tries to possess the sensei before he delivers a fatal blow to the grunt assassin that killed Boston. But, somehow the sensei knows Boston is there.

The assassins and their sensei flee and this is when Boston discovers their new target, Jim Gordon. Deadman rushes into a person to warn Jim of what is about to unfold. He gets there just in time as the floor is blown out from underneath them. As they crash to the floor beneath them Deadman warns Gordon that one of the workers is actually The Hook. Gordon has a handy Taser and takes out the guys leaving the hook alive for Boston to do as he pleases. Unfortunately, Boston can’t possess the guy. Gordon continues to fight his way out of this. Who is this crazy bad ass that has taken Gordon’s identity? Will he get out of this alive?

I have to stop there so I don’t spoil too much. Obviously pick up this issue to learn why Boston was killed, who took Gordon’s place, and what happens with the hook and Gordon. Oh, and also to know how this tale eventually ends. Overall I enjoyed this, it was so full of action I had a hard time following the main story because I wanted to skip to the possessions and fights. That’s not a bad thing in my opinion, and I think any DC fan already knows who the fake Jim Gordon was. Pick up this issue at your local comic shop.

Deadman #1 Rating: 7.5/10

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