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Review: Food Wars – Season 3 – Episode 5: The Darkening Table

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This episode is a big game changer. Not only do we get the results of the Moon Festival and a better understanding of Kuga’s motives, the true antagonist of the season is revealed. You didn’t believe it was just going to be Kuga the whole time, did you? Me either. I did think it was going to be Eishi though. So, I was wrong about that one. That’s not a bad thing though, the real villain of the series is so much better that I could have anticipated. I mean…if you read the manga, obviously you anticipated it. But still. Us anime-only viewers get quite the surprise.

Despite getting out of the red and beating Kuga on the fourth day, Soma is disappointed that his total sales rankings only landed him in second place with Kuga still finishing at number 1. However, we do find out that Kuga had other motives for wanting Soma to shut down and to remain first in sales each day – which was so Eishi would participate in another Shokugeki against him, since Kuga lost overwhelmingly to him in their first one. So, Kuga won overall, but is still didn’t get the end result he wanted, and Soma did beat Kuga, but it wasn’t in total sales.

I’m not sure if she is trying to be nice or intimidating, or maybe even both, but Second Seat Elite Ten member, Rindo, invites Soma and Megumi to dine at Eishi’s restaurant and they are both completely blown away by Eishi’s cooking. Despite Eishi being incredibly nervous and frantic about their dining experience, Soma notes that the one thing Eishi didn’t fuss over was the meal…because he may be anxious and full of self-doubt, but the one thing he is utterly confident in is his cooking.


As he should be, apparently. It’s also important to note that this is the first time Soma has ever admitted someone was “out of his league”. This doesn’t depress him like it would anyone else though, I mean, this is Soma we’re talking about. Instead, Soma seems even more fired up than ever before. Soma wants challenges, he wants to learn, he wants to work his butt off to become an even better chef than his father. Because Soma is the freaking best. I love him.

After Eishi’s booth, Soma is ready to check out the rest of the Elite Ten’s spaces, but with no tickets, he of course decides he and Megumi will visit Erina’s restaurant. Because Soma is Soma and he is oblivious to and also takes enjoyment in how much he irritates Erina (and also if he and Erina don’t end up together, I’m going to throw a tantrum because I love every scene between them). Turns out it’s perfect timing too, because our true antagonist has finally presented himself: Erina’s father, Azami, who was not only exiled from Totsuki, but forbidden to even associate himelf with the Nakiri name…it’s also clear as soon as we meet him that Erina is absolutely petrified of him.

Hisako, though, straight up with no hesitation tells him he can’t dine without a reservation. Because she’s the best kind of friend anyone could have and God I hope she gets more screen time this season. And of course, Soma struts in just in time to break the tension….tension that he was completely oblivious to. I also want to note that I love how happy Hisako looks when he walks in. Because she knows he won’t take Azami’s self-entitled nonsense. Although Soma manages to inadvertently cause him to leave, more terrible news is yet to come. Which I won’t tell you about because it’s important and you need to watch the episode!


Can I just comment on how incredibly anime antagonist-esque Erina’s father is? He has an all black suit that includes a flowing black trench coat and black gloves (for no reason), he has black hair with a single streak of white in it, he’s pale, and HIS EYES ARE TOTALLY BLACK. Dude looks like a vampire that popped out of Hellsing. He’s going to be a great villain though. Next episode, stuff is about to get real intense, real fast.

Best episode quote:

“This is what you call a war with no victor” – Rindô Kobayashi

Food Wars is currently streaming on Crunchyroll with new episodes every Tuesday!


Rachel Freeman
Rachel Freeman
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