Review: Black Clover – Episode 5: The Path to the Wizard King

I haven’t had a chance to review Black Clover yet, not because it isn’t good, it’s awesome, but because it’s the fall season and that means all the best shows are coming out and I have a lot to watch. Cut me some slack. We’re on episode 5, so if you haven’t been watching, let me give you a brief plot description/recap. It’s not going to be long, but it should definitely be enough to grab your attention…though most likely you are reading this because you’ve seen episodes 1 – 4 and are looking to see how Episode 5 is…those of you who fit this category, bear with me a moment.

Black Clover follows two protagonists/rivals: Asta and Yuno. Though, it’s pretty clear that Asta is the “true” protagonist. Yuno is still really important though and they both get pretty much equal attention and they are both determined to become the next Wizard King. Asta and Yuno were orphan babies, found by a priest on his church doorstep in a small village. They were dropped off at the same time and are the same age, but they look nothing alike and are definitely not brothers. They are bffs though even though Yuno wants to act all cold and distant, whatever, Yuno. No one’s buying it.

Anyway, they live in a world where everyone has magic and it is essential to living. Yuno has this cool pendant and super strong magic powers but Asta does not possess any powers. At all. However, that changes the day its time to receive their Grimoire’s (magic books for learning/casting spells). Yuno receives the Four Leaf Grimoire, which is super rare and basically means he’s got really strong magic. Asta, however, receives an even more rare Grimoire…the Five Leaf. Regular Grimoires have Three leaves meant to represent: faith, hope, and love. The Four Leaf is said to contain luck, the Five Leaf is said to contain a demon. Now, Asta and Yuno have set out to compete to join the Magic Knights, which will bring them one step closer to becoming the Wizard King.

Ok. There you go. Now, this episode, we see a brief recap of Asta bopping Sekke (bah-ha!). Literally, he just smashes through his barrier with his giant sword and bops him on the head. It was amazing. That was Asta’s fight though. This episode, is more focused on Yuno’s fight. Just like Asta, his opponent is no match for him. Next, it is up to the Magic Knight Captains to choose who they want to join their squad. We have to go through characters we don’t know and don’t care about…dramatic effect, blah blah blah, some people get chosen and most are sent home. Until we finally get to Yuno (he is #164 and Asta is #165). And for the first time, every single Captain raises their hand. Of course, Yuno chooses the Knights he feels will be the most beneficial in becoming the Wizard King, the Golden Dawn (they usually only take nobles).

When it’s Asta’s turn, no one raises a hand. As he stands there in disbelief, Yami (Captain of the Black Bulls, known as the worst of the Magic Knights squads) jumps down while exerting his…pressure power? I don’t know what it is. But he exerts it. And as he berates Asta for having no magic, he asks him one thing, “Now that I’m standing before you, do you still have the nerver to say that you’re going to be the Wizard King, even without any magical powers?” To which Asta essentially responds with what he has said from the beginning, no matter how many times he falls or what anyone says, he will become the Wizard King. And that’s all it takes for Yami to pick him. And it’s such an awesome moment. Yami even seems to have faith that Asta could become the Wizard King.

Sekke, being all mad because Asta beat him, tries to send a magic lizard in to poison/curse him…while he’s pooping. I’m not even kidding. Asta is literally pooping. So Yuno, like a boss, steps in to stop him, with little to no effort of course because Sekke is not actually a challenge for either of them. And so, we see Asta and Yuno part ways to follow their respective paths to becoming the Wizard King. I have to say, we get to see the Black Bulls’ Base and I’m so freaking excited to see this squad in action because they’re hilarious. I mean, they’re known for being the “worst” squad. But I don’t think it’s because they aren’t powerful, Yami seems hella strong, I think they just don’t care about what any of the other squad do or think. They’re a respected Magic Knight squad for a reason, otherwise they wouldn’t even exist. I’m so excited to see what’s in store for Asta training with the Black Bulls.


To be honest, with all of the Shônen anime out there (Naruto, Boruto, Fairy Tail, My Hero Academia, etc) I wasn’t sure how this show would stand out or compare. But it has definitely shown what makes it special and I’m greatly looking forward to what this first season has in store.

Best episode quote:

“I have no regrets or poop left in me” – Asta

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