Review: Coyotes #1

Our story begins with a young girl that appears to be catatonic. This girl is covered in war paint and looks like she just survived some kind of apocalypse. She’s in what appears to be a questioning room with some sort of an officer. The cop is trying really hard with her and doesn’t believe the girl to be in a catatonic state. From here we get a flashback of what brought her here.

A cop just got transferred to the City of Lost Girls. He is called out to a crime scene and when he arrives it’s an utter blood-bath. We find out that the young warrior girl in the questioning room was standing in the dead center of the remains of the blood-bath. And, from here we find out that the girl didn’t always live here. That she once had a mother and sister. The badass warrior girl in war-paint also has a name, Analia.

Every hero needs an origin story and Analia is no different. She was once just a regular girl. Her mom would keep her and her sister away from the outside world as much as she could. Her mom seems like she’s trying really hard to protect them both. But, we all know what happens when a person feels trapped. They also feel a need to escape. Analia and her older sister decide to sneak out and have fun at a local restaurant. This is the beginning of our hero’s tragic origin. Don’t worry I won’t spoil anything, you’ll have to read for yourself to learn what has turned this young girl into a warrior.

From here we see what brought Analia and her friend Eyepacth AKA Valeria to the City of Lost Girls. We also meet an interesting character named Duchess. This woman is fierce, no-nonsense, and beautiful wearing some gorgeous Victorian era garb. Duchess tells the girls how the world really is, and seems to be a fearless leader. Duchess tells the girls the truth about coyotes. That humans are a meat lure, and they have to fight back. Duchess also gives Analia a new more fitting name: Red.

The coyotes in this comic seem to be something more out of a supernatural realm than our own. They travel in packs and seek out human flesh. They are more cunning than you can imagine, and the only people that seem to get it are the citizens of the City of Lost Girls. The cops definitely don’t have a handle on them, and just as Red is starting to open up to the nice cop I mentioned at the beginning, some women burst through the door reminding him it’s illegal to question a minor without an adult present. The ladies quickly take Red back home.

Something I really like about this comic is it’s almost all being told from the perspective of Red. The only time that changes is when the story’s perspective changes to that of the cop, Frank. Frank too deserves an origin story. It’s looking like he will be working with Red and the girls more in future. Another thing I really liked about this comic is it gives away just enough about the coyotes to give you an understanding of them, but it leaves you wanting to learn more. Oh, and in case you missed it all our badass characters so far are women with crazy pasts. Frank is pretty awesome so far too even if he is clueless. I personally cannot wait until the issue #2. Pick this up at your local comic store.

Rating: 9.5/10

Coyotes #1 is available at comic book retailers everywhere.

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