Review: Eugenic #2

In Issue #1 we saw Dr. Cyrus Crane and his babies. He had finally made it possible for women get to get pregnant and deliver healthy babies. I hope you read the first issue because here’s a spoiler to lead you into Issue #2. The only catch was he decided to play with genetics and make a new type of creature.

Dr. Crane wanted to make it so there were no more health issues, gender identity issues, and race issues. So, he made his own creation. All of the babies that were delivered looked the same, twisted smiles and purple skin. This comic takes place 100 years in the future from then.

This issue picks up with a young woman walking down the streets of Pariah City #9. This used to be Pittsburgh PA. As she walks through this city you can see it’s not the most desirable place to live.

Everything is run down and dirty looking. While Bekk is walking a man appears beside her. He has strange markings on his face, a gun on his hip, and lots of tech embedded in his head. His name is Graxx and he’s a trans-humanist. He asks her if she’s ready for her test, she says yes and warns him he better leave before the CGA (Central Genetic Authority) realizes they’re talking.

As Graxx takes off Bekk enters a large building that looks like the DMV and a hospital had offspring. She enters a testing room where she is greeted by a young man that tells her he would love to be a stud that does nothing but breed with women, and if he passes the test that could be a possible outcome. From here a video plays and in it is Dr. Elijah Garten.

Dr. Garten is a Numan, and the director of the CGA. He informs the humans that if they pass the test their children will be given a great life with Numans in Numerica, and that they will get to live out the rest of their days in the beautiful utopia, The Northern Reserve. We also learn that only 16% of humans still exist today and the rest are Numans.

Bekk takes the test and passes with flying colors. She is given an appointment time tomorrow to have an analysis done. Bekk heads back home and we meet another character, Kitty. Kitty has been reading books that are 100 years old in a desperate attempt to find another person like her. Kitty is a girl who likes girls and just wants validation that what she feels is real and there are others like her. She doesn’t feel real, but Bekk assures her she is because she is living and she exists.

Bekk heads off into her bedroom where she is greeted by Graxx. Here we find out they’ve been working together for a while to grab Intel, and that Bekk is their inside girl. It feels like they’ve been working hard towards this goal for a long time together. He wastes no time injecting her eye with something that the Children of Samir have been developing for three years. Graxx assures Bekk that if this works she will indeed save the world.

The big day for Bekk arrives. She goes for her exam so she can produce a child that will live amongst the Numans and so she can live out the rest of her days in The Northern Reserve. The Numans that are performing the exam talk about how she stinks and is basically cattle. They notice something is a little off with her eye, but don’t seem too worried about it. Bekk seems unphased by their nasty comments and asks to use the restroom. She is escorted out by one of the Numans. She uses the thing implanted in her eye to shoot the Numan down and live stream her findings of the facility. Can Bekk and the revolutionary Children of Samir save human-kind?

That’s all I am able to tell you for Issue #2. You will have to pick up this issue to see what she shows the other humans on the live stream. There’s all kinds of creepy little things revealed about the Numans as well that you will not want to miss out on. Again, this story is creepy because the root of it is something that could realistically happen if someone meddled with genetics enough. There aren’t quite as many twists this issue as the last, but the plot development is pretty insane because it all links up even 100 years later. I can’t wait to see what happens in the final issue. Be sure to pick this up at your local comic shop.

Rating: 8/10

Eugenic #2 is now available at comic book retailers everywhere.

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