Review: Transformers Lost Light #9

Once in a while, I splurge and spend the extra dollar or two on the Retailer Incentive covers. This month, I did. I wasn’t into the covers featuring the IDW-created character, but a nice web-spun collage featuring the Combaticons was my cover pick of the month, drawn by “Zerob.” I have never heard of Zerob and searching on Google seems to confuse the search engine. When I figure out who this person is, I’ll let you know.

The issue focuses on some tough choices, and concludes the short interlude between the final battle on the parallel Cybertron and begins the next major story arc featuring the Mutineers of the Lost Light. The story is simple, who decides who lives and dies, and what is the price of such a decision. One of our characters finds out, whether she realizes it or not, and a fan-favorite character’s end is nigh.

We continue with our new group of Cybertronian antagonists, and the reveal of what they are after, and well as who is behind them is pretty damned exciting. This appears to stem from a previous arc in the Spotlight series from a few years ago, and the introduction of some UK/Simon Furman created characters is always welcome from this G1 fan.

As always, Priscilla Tramontao provides fantastic artwork to compliment the tale by James Roberts. I would love to own a print from Tramontano. My girls love Arcee and Nautica… Maybe I’ll beg for a commission print one day.