PVRIS Brings Their Next Chapter To Terminal 5 In New York

Pop Break Live: PVRIS, LIGHTS, and Flint Eastwood at Terminal 5 in New York City

A new era. A new start. White Noise, the 2014 debut album from PVRIS saw the band do more than two years of touring, countless festivals, and a deluxe version of the album with two new tracks. While very successful, the time of the road takes it’s toll – both physically and personally. All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell is a living documentation of how all of it can make you unravel from a romantic and personal stand point.

The band returned to New York refreshed and reloaded as they continued to progress in venues. As they went through the venues like both the studio and grand ballroom at Webster Hall, you can see how the progressions to a Terminal 5 show is a pretty big accomplishment.

This particular tour is where the opening acts helped elevate the anticipation for the entire show. There wasn’t a weak link or a lull. Detroit, Michigan’s own Flint Eastwood opened up the show in a very energetic manner.  Lights also joined with a mixture of songs like “Running With The Boys,” “Flux and Flow” and her recent album, Skin and Earth.

PVRIS’s set started very serine. Lead Singer Lynn Gunn walked out at the beginning of “Heaven” and sat at a piano. As the light were low, Gunn played the piano keys to the haunting first single of “Heaven.” From there, PVRIS weaved in and out of old and new material. The show’s set list was balanced between songs from White Noise and AWKOFAWNOH. It really only slowed down tempo wise as you got into newer cuts such as “Winter” and “Separate.” The upbeat, alternative rock stylings played up to the macabre backdrop where there were screens that almost resembled ghosts in inkblot forms.

One of the most enduring things about PVRIS is how they are very open, but also mysterious. There was a break in the show were Gunn talked to the crowd and got gifts from some of the fans. You can break the fourth wall from time to time, but with their black and white aesthetic, it feels like there is still something you want to see. That allure coupled with with the music made this particular headlining show even better.

PVRIS ended their show on a more aggressive note with “My House,” “Fire,” and “No Mercy.” By the end, you can see that this was a band who hit the reset button, took what worked from the White Noise era, and grew to what they are now.

Set list:

  1. Heaven

2. St. Patrick

3. Smoke

4. Half

5. You and I

6. What’s Wrong

7. Winter

8. Separate

9. Anyone Else

10. My House

11. Fire


12. No Mercy

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