AHS: Cult Season Finale: ‘Great Again’ Brings the Rollercoaster to a Stop

AHS Cult Finale
Photo Credit: FX Networks

Well, here we are at the season finale. I won’t lie, this season was a rollercoaster. And I don’t mean emotionally. It seemed like for every great episode that made me think, “Yeah, this is really going to be awesome,” there was an episode that made me think, “Why am I still watching this? Why is this still happening?”

While the actors and actresses have been giving phenomenal performances, the story itself has a lot of plot holes and aspects that just don’t make any sense. I get that this is a work of fiction, but you’re also trying to make it realistic and certain things just simply aren’t realistic. At all. But I was still holding out hope for the finale to tie everything together nicely. It did a fairly good job.

It was hard to imagine where they were going to go with the finale. I mean, almost the entire main cast has been murdered in some horrific way. I guess that’s expected from American Horror Story, most characters don’t make it to the end, but I think they went a bit overboard. I mean. Seriously. We were down to only Ally (Sarah Paulson), Kai (Evan Porters), and mostly-mentally-unstable Beverly (Adina Porter).

Beverly was my top choice to die since we first met the “real” her, and then they ruined her (and that actually really irked me). But yet here she was for the finale, coming through like the champ she is … but still, she was pushed as a secondary role. She became Ally’s campaign manager which yeah, that’s cool, but she was so ambitious. She wanted to be the one in front of the camera saying what needed to be said and changing the world. And yet, she was reduced to campaign manager. I get that Ally was tormented by clowns, but we have no clue what really happened to Beverly in her “isolation.” But whatever it was, it broke her. Ally was already pretty weak and fragile, but I can only imagine what could have possibly broken Beverly. Her character was not utilized to her fullest and while she seemed like she was kicking ass at driving Ally’s campaign, I would have rather it have been her in the running.

I will say, I was pleasantly surprised by the ending. I really assumed since Episode 1 that Ally would die. I mean, Sarah Paulson just killed it as usual, but everything Ally did, the good and the bad, pointed to her eventually being the one to die. Because American Horror Story doesn’t have happy endings…usually. I guess this wasn’t technically a happy ending…it was happy-ish though. Which was kind of disappointing. Evan Peters was as psychotic as ever as Kai. Just the look he had in his eyes, the look of someone who has totally lost it. I’ll give him how clever he remained right to the end, but Ally was always one step ahead.

This episode itself was pretty predictable. We met prison inmate, “Rim Job,” and I instantly knew he was going to die in some way to get Kai out. Not the way I expected I guess, but still pretty cliché and realistically it would not have worked. There were A LOT of issues I had with the prison. Which you can see on my Twitter if you really want to, I’m not going to list it all out. But there was a lot that made no sense and wouldn’t work in real life. Which, again, for a show that is trying to be “realistic,, they drop the ball on some basic stuff. It kept my interest though and it did round up everything without loose ends. Hell, that ending could feed super easily into a plot for another season.

The cast of this season were amazing and I hope I see them return in future seasons, however, this season just didn’t change my personal favorite American Horror Story season rankings.

AHS: Cult Finale OVERALL SCORE: 7 / 10