Review: Regression Volume 1

This story follows a character named Adrian. He seems like the average American male. Except for one very important detail. Adrian has terrible and disgusting visions. He tries go live his life normally, but a while back he started having nightmares featuring lots and lots in insects. The nightmares seeped into his waking world and now he sometimes can’t even look at a person without seeing bugs falling out of their eyes and mouth.

The story really sucked me in here because I wasn’t sure if this was a mental thing or a supernatural issue. Adrian is lucky to have a very good friend named Molly that knows he’s been having these terrible nightmares and visions.

Molly finally talks Adrian into seeking help. She introduces him to a hypnotist named Sid. Sid uses regression therapy so he can try to discover the root of Adrian’s visions. Unfortunately I get the vibe that Sid doesn’t do a lot of regression therapy, or maybe that he doesn’t understand how much this is effecting Adrian’s everyday life.

That night Adrian returns home feeling hopeful. But, as he’s getting ready for bed we see some really strange supernatural things are at play not only in Adrian’s mind but in the physical world as well. Adrian tries to sleep things off but has a terrible nightmare. In this nightmare he’s being greeted by a man covered in blood. Not only that, but he cuts into Adrian revealing what is on the inside. It’s the worst and most vivid thing Adrian has seen in a nightmare.

While Adrian sleeps we find out that Sid has been brutally murdered. Adrian has tried to call him multiple times to let him know he had the worst and most vivid nightmare he’s ever had. He just wants Sid to know that things are getting worse. From here we see police on the scene at Sid’s and we learn an investigation is starting. Adrian is a suspect because he’s called Sid so many times in search of further help.

This story is so terrifying because everything that is happening to Adrian begins on the inside, but slowly works its way outside. After the regression therapy he feels like something has been awakened inside him, and he has no understanding of it. Adrian has hidden this from the world for so long, and to have help suddenly, then to have it disappear…I can imagine how scary that would be to Adrian. It’s like finally having a doctor treat you for something and not telling you the whole treatment plan, then dying and taking that secret to the grave with them.

I’ve been reviewing this series from the start, and I didn’t have many negative things to say. Overall all five stories were great. The art mixed with the story made me cringe at points, and I don’t cringe easily. My only mild complaint is that at one point around issue 4 the story gets a little predictable, but don’t worry because the tale twists in a way to keep the story fresh again. I assure you that once you finish reading volume 1 you will want more. Any horror fan will love this story. Especially if you’re interested in hypnosis and past lives.

Rating: 9/10

Regression Volume 1 is now available at comic book retailers everywhere.

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