Review: Sheena Queen of the Jungle #3

Sheena kept seeing things from the outside world in her part of the jungle. She has sworn to protect the jungle and the tribe from outsiders so this is very unsettling to her. We also learned that Sir Veyor AKA a surveyor was sent out by Cadwell. Cadwell threatens to invade the village and jungle if Sheena doesn’t bring back their surveyor alive. So without hesitation Sheena took off into parts of the jungle that were even still a mystery to her. If she finds the surveyor she can make a deal with Cadwell to save the jungle and her villagers.

We open this issue with Sheena springing into action to save Chano. He is being slowly consumed by a death blossom. The death blossoms get stronger in moonlight and are tricking Chano into a false sense of security by emitting a smell of freshly baked cookies. As Sheena gets closer she warns him to not fall asleep. If he falls asleep he will surely be consumed by the large carnivorous plant.

Sheena wastes no time to hack the plant down and find an escape route. She sees a nearby temple and instructs Chano to enter it to escape the moonlight. No moonlight = no strength for the death blossom. The two barely make it inside but can see that the surveyor has been to this temple because doors inside are open. Sheena uses her tracking skills and Chano uses his flashlight to assist her. They come across a large puddle of blood which leads Sheena to realize that the surveyor is still alive.

Unfortunately for Chano and Sheena the temple is heavily booby trapped, and the home to some strange creatures. The couple gets separated and are fighting for their lives. I feel like while this is happening I’m watching a female Indiana Jones that is also a super acrobat take down mystic creatures. Not only is Sheena taking down strange creatures but she is also smart enough to avoid getting speared by booby traps. Chano and Sheena eventually fight their way back to one another and continue tracking the surveyor.

What Sheena and Chano find is very disturbing. I can’t tell you what they see here without spoiling this issue, but I can tell you that they’re not alone in the temple. I am very glad that Sheena is still very much independent and intelligent. I had previously wrote about a mistake I think previous writers of Sheena of the Jungle made, and that was making her more like a side character when a male was introduced. But, so far Sheena and Chano bounce well off each other. Sheena is still the main strong lead. The couple gives each other information when needed and work well together as a team to solve problems.

Something else I would like to address in regards to Sheena’s garment choice…ok, yeah it’s a little ridiculous. Sheena has always had that iconic look of being in leopard print and barely covered. I feel like even though this version of Sheena is a bad ass intelligent independent babe her garment pays homage to the original and past versions. I have seen some people complain about this, but our girl is in the middle of the jungle. She lives with an undiscovered tribe of villagers that wear some very basic clothing that doesn’t cover a ton as well. I’m going to just go with the thought that leopard fur is durable since she’s the jungle guardian and needs to leap from trees a lot.

Sheena Rating: 8/10

Sheena Queen of the Jungle #3 is available at comic book retailers everywhere.

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