Lindsey Stirling Thrills Philly with Christmas Themed Show

Pop Break Live: Lindsey Stirling at The Academy of Music in Philadelphia

Words & Photos by Cathy Poulton

Acclaimed violinist Lindsey Stirling brought the Christmas spirit to Philadelphia’s Academy of Music Thursday night. She is touring in support of her new holiday album Warmer in the Winter, released on October 20th. The album is a nice mix of holiday classics and also includes some new original material.

It’s been a long road since her 2010 appearance on America’s Got Talent. I have always loved a good “underdog” story so she definitely has gotten the last laugh on the judges who decided she wasn’t good enough to advance beyond the quarter finals. She is a great example of how hope and hard work pays off. In 2012 she released her self titled album which included the hit “Crystallize.” Her 2014 album Shatter Me landed at #2 on Billboard’s 200 list and Forbes Magazine included her on their exclusive 30 under 30 in music for 2015 list. Currently, Stirling is in the finals of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars which airs November 20th.

Back to the show, Stirling talked about her father (who passed away this year) during the show and got real up front and personal with the audience by sharing some other stories from her life. Some were sad but ultimately most ended with some type of message of hope, courage or bravery. She really came across as genuine, funny and very charming at times so it was no surprise the mass appeal she has — the crowd ranged from families with small children to people like me who brought their mom.

The visuals for Stirling’s show were colorful and beautiful. The chemistry between her and her dancers was obvious — they looked like they were having a great time up there. The show was bolstered by a great backing band. This combination was indeed a recipe for a truly memorable night of music. Stirling was extremely fun to watch as she danced and twirled around the stage. Her style of play with her violin ran the gamut from fierce and jaw dropping to graceful and stunning. There were many costume changes and set changes, all of course with a Christmas theme.

It was great hearing Stirling put her own spin on some popular holiday classics. The show definitely got us into the Christmas spirit not only with the music and holiday themed stage setup but in her hopeful messages throughout the night. She mentioned regardless of what religion or beliefs we have that ultimately we are all “in this” together. So true. It was a great night of music in Philly and an inspirational performance on so many levels.

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