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Review: Action Comics #992

By: Andrew Fontana

Dan Jurgens and Robbie Williams wrap up “The Oz Effect” in a quiet, character focused epilogue that is preoccupied with the emotional ramifications of Superman’s confrontation with his father.

Jurgens’ decision to focus on Superman’s inner turmoil is a smart move after the hectic pace of recent issues. He always keeps the emotional stuff at the forefront, even when doing setup for Doomsday Clock. But its the focus on Superman’s questioning of his place in the world that really sells the issue. Jurgens’ has had excellent character development throughout this issue, and brings all that to fruition in this issue.

Will Conrad’s pencils aren’t given much to do this issue. His pencils are definitely detailed enough to set a scene, but the inconsistency between his work and what came before breaks any sense of continuity on this book. “The Oz Effect”‘s had several different rotating artists already, and the failure to make the art more consistent is a drag both for this issue and the series as a whole.

Rating: 7.5

Action Comics #992 is available at comic book retailers everywhere.


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