Review: Bettie Page #5

At the end of issue #4 Bettie was with Benway in a flying saucer. She also was smart enough to figure out how to make it stop. We saw all of Bettie’s friends under the influence of a mind control device that she was able to stop as well. She did the logical thing and unplugged the device at its source. It looks like Bettie was rescued by some branch of the US Army. Not really sure on which one, but that’s where issue #5 begins.

Bettie is eating at a diner with McKnight and he’s asking her how she possibly knew the necklace was controlling the flying saucer. She answers honestly and tells him she didn’t know, but that it looked like a key and she wanted her necklace back. From here she asks about Rick and Lyssa. McKnight assures her they’re all going to be fine. Bettie’s still trying to figure out if she trusts this guy or not. McKnight promises Bettie she will get back to her life, but they have to make a visit somewhere first.

Bettie Page #5

In the next scene the couple can be seen on an Army issued plane. They land in a place called Groom’s Lake and it looks to be a secret air force base. Upon arriving Bettie learns why she was actually brought here. To be poked and prodded at. Blood samples are taken, scans are taken, some breathing tests, and more tests after all those. After it’s all over she confronts McKnight and he tells her they had to make sure she wasn’t radioactive. He also tells her if he had told her this was why she was being sent to this base she would have never agreed to coming.

McKnight and the doctor’s at the base reveal very little to Bettie. Of course she’s asking a lot of questions about Benway and the flying saucer. And, of course it’s all classified. I’m getting frustrated with their lack of answers so imagine how Bettie is feeling. We know Bettie is patient, but I feel like she’s been more than patient enough. And, it’s obvious Bettie is tired of not knowing the truth. Just as she’s trying to get some sort of answer out of McKnight a solider comes running past them screaming “They’re huge!”

I’m sure some of you are wondering where the fun science-fiction aspect comes into play. Don’t worry reader, it’s there, and it’s great. McKnight hands Bettie a handgun as they make their way outside they’re greeted by large desert scorpions and people fleeing for cover. Shooting at the scorpions doesn’t work. And, to make matters worse its night time so the scorpions are out hunting for prey. Did I mention they’re carnivorous?

I like that the story has headed in a different direction. All the points are lining up and we know everything with Richard, Benway, and now the air force is connected somehow. But, we’re not sure what the full connection is. The story is building up to something far more complex than I originally thought it would. If you thought this comic was about a damsel in lingerie you were way off.

Rating: 8.5/10

Bettie Page #5 is available at comic book retailers everywhere.

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