Minnesota’s New View releases EP ‘You’re In’

Photo taken by Corbyn Jenkins.

Minneapolis, Minnesota has been the home of so many incredible music artists over the years, and today, it continues. Lately, many local Minneapolis bands have been taking over the Twin Cities with their catchy tunes, energy, and love for music.

Throughout the past few years, I have been able to hear new music, attend shows, and get to know members of the local bands. New View, an alternative rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota is one of them.

The band is composed of three members: Kyle Kaliszewski who is the lead singer and plays guitar and keyboard, Sean Wood who plays the bass and synthesizer, and Matt Skelton on drums. Both Sean and Matt contribute to the vocals as well.

This pop-punk trio joined the Minneapolis music scene in 2016 with their album, Space To Grow. That eight track album is made up of pumped up songs that laid the groundwork for their sound and image. They then went on to play shows around the Twin Cities getting their music out to the world and generating a fan base.

I have attended multiple of New View’s shows, and at every single show, the band has so much energy, passion, and love for performing. So much that it radiates off into the crowd and pulls the crowd in, creating a super fun and energetic atmosphere.

The band is set to release their new EP titled, You’re In, on Friday, December 15, 2017. The EP is made up of five tracks ranging from slower songs that put you in the feels to pumped up songs that get you ready for that night out on the town. Overall, the EP shows an immense amount of growth for the band, and I believe really expresses the overall sound and look of New View. So, here is a track by track review of New View’s EP, You’re In.


There couldn’t be a better track to start off the EP than, “Standby.” It is a total bop full of fun and catchy lyrics and melodies. From the first note, you already want to start jumping around and well, headbanging. Out of the five tunes, this one is probably my second favorite!

“So Stupid”

This one was the first single released off of the new EP. There is a lyric video on YouTube which is pretty rad. The opening lyric, “we all have scars and I know it hurts, escape these thoughts before it gets much worse, tonight” pulls you right in and you can’t help but listen to the rest. Overall, the lyrics are very relatable and that is what makes music remarkable.

“Wait for Something”

Although the track starts out slow and sweet, it soon develops into a fast and pumped up jam! For me, this song is a great one to play while taking a drive around town with your friends or when you need to regain your energy during a study sesh.

This song, in particular, reminds me of how it feels when you let something toxic in your life go, or when you finally vent your feelings to somebody. For example, at the beginning the song is slow, and that is what it’s like when you sit down with a friend and say that you need to talk to them. Then, when the song starts getting faster, it’s like when you finally let everything that you’ve been thinking and holding on to, go. It gives you a sense of relief. But, that’s just how it makes me feel so you will most likely find something different.

“It Never Ends”

Out of the five songs on the EP, “It Never Ends” is my favorite. This is the track that got me from the beginning, and I still love it weeks later. The lyrics of the song are so well thought out and when you add in the overall sound and feeling of the song you can’t help but relate and fall in love with it.

“All I Want”

The final track on the EP, “All I Want” is the perfect song to end with. Just like the opening track, it is a total bop that makes you want to jump around and scream the lyrics with your friends. The tune of the song is awesome as well! The guitar, bass, and drums blend so well together, and the last note even fades out creating a super cool ending effect.

Photo taken by Corbyn Jenkins.

Overall, New View has created such a solid EP, and everybody should give it a listen. From the opening track until the end, I promise you won’t stop jamming along. I am so proud of these three guys, and I hope the world loves this EP as much as I do!

New View’s EP, You’re In, earns a full 10/10 in my book!

-Corbyn Jenkins





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