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Review: Lost Light #11

This was a fast, yet multiple-time read. In case you haven’t kept up, anti-boy scout Rodimus is no longer captain of the Lost Light, and the treacherous Autobot Getaway sits down and shares, in typical villainy fashion, exactly, step-by-step, how he did it.

Without giving too much away, just understand this. This is an Autobot, who thought he was part of the good fight. Then he finds himself under the command of a reckless wannabe leader. Then finds out the Cybertronian he has been fighting his life against, is now part of the crew, and in command.

If that twists your guts a bit, imagine how his circuits feel.

Shocking surprises are scattered throughout the issue, and a glorious portrait of the art of lying is laid out for all to see like a magical map of the stars. We understand the events of last issue, and if your circuits haven’t been twisted in knots by now, will most certainly be by its conclusion.

We have a arkload of veteran Lost Light talent on this issue, as James Roberts continues his stellar run on the series, and I can only imagine what has been concocted for the final chapter of this three-issue arc. Jack Lawrence and Alex Milne on art, with the uber-talented colors by both Joana LaFuente and Priscilla Tramontano. Double shout-out to LaFuente, as I purchased her Retailer Exclusive cover for this month, featuring a retro-G1 styled Decepticon Ambush on the Autobots.

Lost Light #11 earns a 9 out of 10 because I want issue #12, NOW.



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