Review: Rat Queens Volume 2 Issue #7

There will be spoilers from Volume 1 issues as well as Volume 2 previous issues in this review.

In Issue # 6 the Queens took on a psychedelic frog monster. Betty just wanted to save her friend that ventured a little too far into the forest. Thankfully the ladies were successful. We also found out that Violet had a fan-girl that admired her so much Madeline even created cosplay of her hero. Madeline was…is…the daughter of a local tavern owner. At the end of issue #6 the queens advised her to not become an adventurer then she disappeared. What’s even worse is her father and everyone except the queens have no recollection of Maddie.

Rat Queens Volume 2 Issue #7 Cover

This issue starts off with mentions of Palisade. I don’t want to give too much away, but if you have been keeping up you know that Violet and Orc Dave need to talk. Without spoiling anything I will tell you that you do get to see that, and you also get to learn what Dave has been up to this entire time since the events of Palisade. But, I am not going to spoil those juicy bits of information for you. I will tell you that the events that unfold here give much needed answers that story line, and it creates a few more new questions as well.

The queens meet back up at the tavern and we learn that the Rat Kings are in town. Remember Violet’s brother Barrie and his mirror image crew of the Queens? That would be them. While at the tavern Betty decides to see if she can figure out what happened to Maddie. The bizarre part is that Maddie’s bedroom looks like it’s always been a storage room. Not only is she missing, but all traces of her existence are as well.

While Betty investigates Dee and Hannah learn that Neil hasn’t been heard from. In case you forgot Neil was the guy in the Rat Kings that grows mushrooms on his flesh. Zestrum also lets them know that Barrie has yet to return from his quest. Dee and Hannah decide to look for Neil. After some questions they discover Neil had a date with a pretty grave-digger named Sunny.

Hannah and Dee take off to meet with her. Sunny tells them that she had a great time with Neil on their date. That she was even giving him many signs that she wanted to take things further, but he took off with local chefs at a restaurant called The Brood. The Brood is a hip new place for young monsters, and was making strong competition for the bard’s tavern the Queens usually eat at.

Rat Queens Volume 2 Issue #7 Alternate Cover

Once the Queens arrive at The Brood Betty takes off on her own to check out the cellar. Betty discovers a locked cell entrance, uses her amazing skills to pick the lock, and what does she find? Poor Neil being held captive! Looks like he had no choice in going back and seeing Sunny for a night cap. Why would chefs at a restaurant want to lock up a sweet mild-mannered man that grows mushrooms on his body? It doesn’t take long for Violet, Dee, Braga, and Hannah to appear on the scene for back-up.

I left out a lot of spoilers for this issue. But, there are so many loose ends that are being tied up from the start. Readers finally have more answers on Dave. The Palisade plot is getting even thicker, and where did Madeline disappear to? You just have to pick up this exciting issue and read for yourself. Kurtis Wiebe does an amazing job of writing and connecting so many small details that may have originally seemed insignificant. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Rating: 8.5/10

Rat Queens Volume 2 Issue #7 is now available at comic book retailers everywhere.

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