Review: Coyotes #3

Just a heads-up, there will be spoilers for Issues #1 and #2 in this review. If you aren’t caught up you may want to wait to read this review.

In Issue #2 Red and Coffey teamed up to investigate a doll. Red found a doll made in the perfect image of her sister. And, there were many other dolls made too. They took off to find the maker of the dolls to see if she knew the whereabouts of missing girls. But, when they arrive in the house they’re not greeted in a friendly manner.

Issue #3 picks up with them inside a mysterious house in the middle of a desert. They’re obviously in the right place because there are handmade dolls everywhere. Shortly after an elderly woman comes charging at them. She sets Coffey on fire while Red tries to get answers out of her. It results in Coffey and Red jumping out of a window to avoid a RPG blast. This lady is not fooling around.

This is where we meet Abuela, she is the one who created the dolls to bless the girls. And, we find out more, she’s actually a Daughter of Gaia. Also called the Grandmother of the dessert. Abuela informs everyone that she, and the other Daughters of Gaia are dying. This is where we learn that the Daughters of Gaia have been fighting the coyotes for centuries. And, that Duchess has been recruiting new girls for the cause. There’s a very large reveal here for Maria and Red. I won’t spoil it for you.

Abuela lets the rest of the women know that Aldin the weapons builder has a hand in the coyote’s strength now. Abeula is certain that a wolf from ancient times is being used by the men. If you recall in Issue 2 we did see a wolf being experimented on in a strange facility. The women decide to confront him to stop his operation. Unfortunately for Coffey he’s going to play the role of being bait.

There’s also another tale in this issue called Rothschild & Sampson. It’s full of back story spoilers so I will only tell you the basis of the tale. It appears to be their first meeting and shows the magic of the wolf pelt. Going by mythology, in ancient times men were able to wear pelts to transform into werewolves. And, it looks like Rothschild got his hands on one.

There are so many big reveals here for the world Red lives in. The origin of the wolves, coyotes, and even the origin of Gaia is revealed. I figure you have gathered from issues #1 and #2 that women and men in this world are at war with one another because only the men are capable of becoming coyotes. And, obviously the women are protectors that need to wipe the coyotes out. The story is heading in a direction that is somewhat predictable. Coyote’s is clearly a modern Little Red Riding Hood.

Don’t let that dissuade you from picking up this issue. Even though this tale has a classic fairy tale inspiration, the characters inside are all original with their personas. There are supernatural forces at play, and women rule. Coyotes has twists and turns that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat.

Rating: 8.5/10

Coyotes #3 is available at comic book retailers everywhere.

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