Review: Camila Cabello, ‘Camila’

Camila by Camila Cabello Album Cover

After stepping out on her own in the music world, Camila Cabello has officially released her highly anticipated self-titled debut album.

The 11-track debut album is already breaking records as it is the first and only debut album to hit #1 on iTunes in 100 countries.

Camila by Camila Cabello is a solid album full of heart, passion, and truth. It is Camila herself in just 11 songs. It takes you on a journey of Cabello’s thoughts and feelings throughout her life and shows so much growth in every track. The album has such a beautiful sound, and after listening to all 11 tracks, it is evident that leaving Fifth Harmony was the best decision that Cabello could have made for herself as you can hear the happiness and confidence pour out between the lyrics.

Here is a track-by-track review of Camila by Camila Cabello.

“Never Be The Same”

This pop-rock ballad is such a powerful track both lyrically and musically. It is also Cabello’s newest single and was released a few weeks before the album release which gave fans a preview of what was to come. She recently premiered the song live on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and it took the Twitter world by storm!

“All These Years”

“All These Years” is one of the tracks that deserves much more recognition than it is getting. It is beautiful and is one of those tunes you listen to if you want to reminisce about moments of the past and realize how much has changed, but your feelings haven’t.

“She Loves Control”

After scrolling through social media, I have concluded that “She Loves Control” is many fans favorite track on the album. Many predict that it will be her next single as it has a super cool sound, shows confidence, and is a total bop.

“Havana” Feat. Young Thug

“Havana” was released as a promotional single for her album in early August. Since it’s release, it has topped the charts in multiple countries and hit number two on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. The mood of the song is very upbeat and fun, and it gives you a look into Cabello’s Cuban culture. If you don’t jam out to this song with you friends on a Friday night, you are doing it wrong.

“Inside Out”

This track is a lowkey bop. There are mixed feelings about it on social media, but it is one of those tunes that is super upbeat and happy. Definitely a track to jam to while getting ready to go out on the weekends. It also shows how Cabello is embracing her Latin roots which is amazing.


“Consequences” is one of the slow songs on the album. It has such beautiful and relatable lyrics, and you instantly feel connected to the singer. You can hear her real passion on every note, and you just wish you could give her the biggest hug.

“Real Friends”

“Real Friends” is another slower tune, but very relatable lyrically. Cabello says, “I’m just looking for some real friends, all they ever do is let me down.” Let’s be honest; we call all relate. Cabello’s vocals are so soft and beautiful, and they blend perfectly with the tune.

“Something’s Gotta Give”

This song is incredible, and her fans agree. You literally get goosebumps and can feel Cabello’s soul when you listen to it. The lyrics are so well thought out, and the story is so heartbreakingly beautiful. If you are looking for a song on the album to put you in the feels, this is the one.

“In The Dark”

“In The Dark” is another beautifully written song. The lyric that stood out to me was, “I can see you’re scared of your emotions, I can see you’re hoping, you’re not hopeless.” Not only are the lyrics great, but the song as a whole is an “emo bop” that you won’t want to turn off.

“Into It”

I feel like I am just repeating myself, but honestly, every song on this album is just so great, especially “Into It.” It is such a jam and is one of those songs that you know is going to be a bit hit once the world discovers it. In the song, Cabello sings, “All of the things, I wanna do to you is infinite. I mean, if you’re into it.” Finally, a song about consent! So important!

“Never Be The Same – Radio Edit”

Like the original, this track is such a powerful and catchy tune, and you will have it stuck in your head all day long. I think it is so smart of Cabello to have the same song both open and close the album; it is such a great ending.

Camila by Camila Cabello is an incredible piece of art that deserves to be heard by the world. This is going to be the year of Camila Cabello.

Overall rating: 10/10!

-Corbyn Jenkins

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