Thank Satan It’s Friday: Primordial, Enslaved, And Mammoth Grinder

January has been a weird month for metal. Some weeks there’s been a torrential downpour of new music, and then there are weeks like this where the music is good but there’s just not a ton of it. So let’s take a few moments out of our Friday to jam on the slowness of Primordial, the comic death metal of Mammoth Grinder, and the fuzzy doom of Ilsa.

Of course if you’re still looking for more music, why not try last week’s edition or the week before that?

Enslaved – “Jizzlobber (Faith No More Cover)”

Enslaved is about to head out on tour with Wolves In The Throne Room, Myrkur, and Khemmis next month, and are giving fans one more small surprise before they head out. Enslaved has rolled out their fairly blackened, but still somehow true to the original cover of Faith No More’s 1992 track “Jizzlobber” and it’s pretty much exactly what you’d get if Mike Patton stepped off stage and let the Enslaved dudes on.

Grab a copy of Decibel magazine here to get a copy of the track on Flexi Disc.

Primordial – “Stolen Years”

It’s been four years since Where Greater Men Have Fallen, but Primordial is back and has rolled out a pretty odd choice for its debut single. That’s not even me saying that either – vocalist A.A. Nemtheanga calls the song a strange choice and “a short and painfully simple song which almost didn’t make the final cut if you can believe so.” I’m personally glad it made the final cut, and it’s also really cool to see Primordial still trying new things 25 years into their career.

Exile Amongst The Ruins is out March 30.

Mammoth Grinder – “Blazing Burst”

When your lineup is Power Trip drummer Chris Ulsh on guitar and vocals, drummer Ryan Parrish (ex-Darkest HourIron Reagan) and guitarist Mark Bronzino (ANSIron Reagan), you’re basically setting the bar pretty high for expectations. Fortunately, Mammoth Grinder brings just the right amount of HM2-stuffed cosmic death metal to the table that it’s basically impossible to be disappointed.

Go forth, lose yourself in the infinity of “Blazing Burst,” and grab Cosmic Crypt here.

Ilsa – “Prosector”

“A prosector dissects corpses for the intent of examination or demonstration. With this in mind, we present a short but sick track sprayed from our own gross guts,” says Ilsa, moments before diving headfirst into a pool of decaying flesh and tuned down riffs unearthed from their graves of infinite fuzz. They were never seen again, but their legacy as a totally gross doom band lived on, and that’s what really matters.

Corpse Fortress is out March 2.