Review: Mystik U #2

Zatanna continues growing her magickal abilities at Mystik U with other famous DC magic users. Be warned that this review will have spoilers from Issue #1. So, if you haven’t read that yet please wait until you’re caught up.

Issue #2 starts off with Rose having a very terrifying nightmare. She and Zatanna are fighting beside each other to try and save as many lives that they can. Suddenly Rose wakes up to see Eric sitting at the foot of her bed and bodies underneath him.

Mystik U #2 Cover

Thankfully that vision was just another nightmare that Rose hadn’t fully awakened from. Eric and she talk for a moment and they decide to let him take over for the time being. The story switches gears to showing our five students in their everyday activities. It looks like Zatanna is having some issues with her powers so she is doing some one-on-one training with Mr. E.

Zatanna is being unsuccessful with her attempts so Mr. E lets her continue onto her next class, Introduction to Summoning. Zee is greeted by Faust, Sargon, Pia, and June. Their Professor, Dr. Occult, instructs them on how to summon an elemental. They are successful, but things don’t go exactly as planned. The reader really needs to experience this part to truly understand what unfolds here.

After a long day of courses and Zatanna feeling discouraged because nothing has gone as planned, she, Pia, and June return to their dorm. Not long after that some bees deliver an invitation to Zatanna. Looks like sorority would like to invite her to join. Sargon knocks on their door and invites the ladies to see a band, but Zatanna talks the party into checking out the sorority.

Mystik U #2 Panel

When they arrive Pia gets a really strange feeling about the place and vocalizes this to Zatanna. But, she continues into the party anyway. It’s obvious that Zatanna is feeling insecure, and the sorority sisters told Zee that they don’t allow alcohol, but they do offer her a strange drink. They tell her it’s infused with magick, and that it will release her potential. She drinks, and is basically on a magic high while her friends sit around uncomfortably.

The next morning starts off with Pia and June in class. Zatanna arrives late and picks on them for not waking up her. They tried…Zatanna kept telling them she needed “5 more minutes.” The worst part is there’s a pop quiz, and Zatanna missed the lecture, so of course she fails. Feeling defeated she takes a walk alone and meets up with one of the Sorority sisters, Melissa. Zee tells her how she is feeling and that’s when Melissa reveals that it’s because the magick in the drink wasn’t “catered to her.” So, after drawing some blood Melissa gives Zatanna a special brew. She drinks up and the rest of her day she performs much better in her classes.

Zatanna has been abusing her powers while under the influence of the drink Melissa created. This doesn’t sit well with Pia, she is extremely upset with Zatanna and tries to warn her that nothing in life is free. People aren’t always nice just to be nice. Zatanna storms off to the sorority and wants to be initiated immediately. Melissa says she can set that up for her easily. Other sisters come and hold Zee down while Melissa warns this could get painful. Zatanna starts to realize Pia could have been right and calls out for help. Will her friends get there in time? Will they come at all after how arrogant she’s been acting?

Wow I love Mystik U, can I just start off by saying that? I love watching these young adults learn how to use their unique powers. I also love that classic and new characters are mingling together in this inventive and magical new tale. This issue does a great job at conveying everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. I also find it interesting that this story spiraled out of control thanks to Zatanna being a little insecure in herself. Just because she has these abilities she and the rest of the team are still very much human. Well, Plop isn’t human, but he fits right in. The writers are developing all the characters very well. I also loved Pia this entire issue. She warned Zatanna and I think Zee learned some valuable life lessons this issue. I love this magical team of misfits and I look forward to seeing them learn and grow together.

Rating: 9/10

Mystik U #2 is currently available at comic book retailers nationwide.

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