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This Is Us, ‘Super Bowl Sunday’ – All The Feels, All the Tears

This is Us Super Bowl Special
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We’ve been waiting for the episode that revealed how Jack died and we unfortunately got it.

We also know why This Is Us used the State of the Union address as a good excuse to air the episode titled ‘Super Bowl Sunday’ on Super Bowl Sunday. Even though the Pearson’s were reppin’ Steelers instead of the Eagles, This Is Us was worthy of being the last act of the night.

The episode opened with Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) waking up to the Pearson home being ablaze. Earlier in the season, directors gave us a preview of a burned down house leading to speculation that Jack died in the fire. However, the Super Bowl Sunday episode shows Jack walking out covered in soot after rescuing his family, the dog and family photo albums.

I was shocked and more so relieved that Jack made it out. But, that was only 20 minutes into the show. In This Is Us fashion, the show can’t conclude without fans tearing up. Writers and directors made us sit through a whole hospital scene, the family trying to find Kevin (Justin Hartley) and transitioning between present day scenes of how the family celebrates Super Bowl Sunday before Jack died and everyone showed off their ugly cry.

Fans of the show might be a bit ambivalent because many of us wanted to know how it happened, yet Jack can’t exist past a certain time period. And that’s the sad part. At some point, the show is not going to include Jack as much and I honestly hope they can stretch it to when the shows about to end.

But the biggest surprise was finding out what became of Tess Pearson (Iantha Richardson) in the future. Just when I thought there couldn’t be anymore surprises this season, This Is Us proved me wrong.

This episode gets a perfect score because it got me to cry and it surprises you when you least expect it.

This is Us Super Bowl Sunday Rating: 10 out of 10

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