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Review: Xena #1

Xena Warrior Princess kicks off with a hooded rider on horseback in ancient Greece. The rider approaches a fork in the road and tries to head towards Athens, but she is blocked by a very rude man that starts to go through her personal belongings. This damsel doesn’t seem to be in distress though. She springs into action to defend herself.

Xena #1 Cover

The first thing one of the goons tries to steal is her harmonica. He has no idea what the instrument is, but the woman explains that’s her livelihood. She’s a bard and she needs to create music in order to afford travelling to Athens. The man doesn’t care, he just breaks the harmonica and tosses it to the side. This puts the woman over the edge and she starts handing out a beat down.

The leader of the three men decides he needs to tie the woman up. He orders his 2 friends to find rope, but they’re too busy fighting with each other. They finally listen and go to retrieve the rope when they see Xena. She’s holding the rope “looking for this?” This makes the leader react by holding a sword against the woman’s throat.

To make matters worse the leader and Xena have history. She knows him by name, Jax. He confronts her about some things that happened in the past and they are definitely NOT on good terms. The woman stomps on his foot and tries to escape while Xena attacks. Jax admits that he is starting to hate this woman as much as he hates Xena.

The women successfully fight off the men, and they flee. Xena is impressed by this woman’s fighting skills, and she asks if they can travel together. Xena tells her no and without hesitation. But, the woman reminds Xena that she is working with Hercules now and that she is in need. So, Xena reluctantly allows her to travel as far as Athens with her.

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Well, this story was crazy nostalgic for me. My mother and I would always watch Xena Warrior Princess and Hercules. Xena was a role model to me when I was a child. So, this story of the first time Xena and Gabrielle met was very fun for me. That is to assume this woman is Gabrielle, I can’t imagine her being anyone else. The writers never came out and introduced this woman by name.

I also didn’t explain Xena’s past with Jax because, spoilers. But, most fans of the show know about her past. I guess that tidbit is only a spoiler for new readers. I am wondering how the rest of this story will be approached.

All new tales, or some new things blending with existing tales sorta like this issue? Basically the bottom line is if you like strong women and warriors you should already know about Xena. If you don’t already know about Xena pick up this comic and learn. You will not regret this decision.

Rating: 8/10

Xena #1 is available at comic book retailers everywhere.

Sheena Fisher
Sheena Fisher
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