Juice: Cool, Refreshing, and Ready for Mass Consumption

Covering a scene, it’s fun to watch a band grow.

While Juice may not be from the Asbury Park scene, this New England based band, has certainly played their fair share of gigs here, and have gained a nice little following in the “City that Bruce Built.”

Every time Juice comes around they seem to be on a higher profile gig, or coming off a higher profile tour. And there’s good reason for this — the band’s infectious tunes, and high-energy live show are allowing them not only to gain more fans, but are catching the eyes of musicians, and promoters. One glimpse at the band’s resume — opening for Joe Jonas’ DNCE and ben on the bill from the Allman Brothers created Peach Festival — this group is getting a ton of notice from all corners of the music world.

Recently we caught up with Juice for a quick chat about new music, their place in the music scene, and what they’ve been up too since we last spoke to them in the summer.

You dropped a new single, “Coconut Girl” this year — how do you feel this song stands out from the rest of your catalog?

“Coconut Girl” was a song we’d been playing for a while. We wrote the song around the same time we were writing our first album. The song kept evolving as we played it live so it never made it to the record. It eventually got to a place where we wanted to share it with the fans.

Speaking of that song I saw a video that the Penn State Statesman a cappella choir covered this song. How cool is it to see/hear someone cover your music?

It’s so cool. It’s incredibly rewarding knowing that our music resonates with people to the point that they want to make it their own.

You opened up Joe Jonas’ DNCE. Can you talk about how you got on that tour, and what did you learn opening up for a nationally acclaimed band?

In 2016 we were fortunate enough to win Summerfest’s “Land The Big Gig” in Milwaukee. They had us back this past summer where we had the chance to open for DNCE. It was our first step towards breaking into the festival circuit. We realized that every stage is the same, and you need to bring it regardless of the size of the crowd.

Currently you’re opening up Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. That’s a bit of difference from DNCE’s style. When performing with different bands like this do you change anything up, or do you keep the same sets (relatively speaking)?

Our show is always evolving, but we don’t really change up our sets depending on the other acts. We’re grateful that our songs and our performances can connect with such diverse audiences.

Also, you’ll be playing Peach Fest, which is amazing. So with this, opening for PPPP, and performing with bands like RIPE – some people would limp you into the jam band genre. Do you guys accept this label, or do you feel that you’re more than just a “jam band.” Or do labels just not matter?

No, we don’t consider ourselves a jam band. We do like to break loose live within some of our songs.

We interviewed you guys in August of 2017 when you played Wonder Bar in Asbury Park. Now in February you’re at The Pony. How do you guys feel you’ve evolved musically, and as performers in that time period?

We’ve written some new songs in that time, and we’ve had a chance to work on our live performance. We’re honored to play at such a legendary venue.

You released your self-titled alum in 2016. Ware there any plans for a new full length record in the near future?

Yes, very near.

What are you most excited about for 2018?

We’ve got some birthdays coming up this year.

Juice opens up for Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Saturday at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Click here for tickets.

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