Review: Scarlett’s Strike Force #1

This review will be short and to the point.

Scarlett’s Strike Force #1

It’s horrible.

I don’t know what anyone was thinking with this title. I don’t know what I was thinking when shelling out $4.23 after tax, but at least I get a free bag and board with each comic I buy.

I was pretty harsh on the G.I. Joe series which took place inside the Hasbro/IDWverse, and I thought, maybe, just maybe there was a shot this could be better without the shackles of being tied so closely to a “crisis-level” crossover.

Oh boy, was I wrong. The artwork hasn’t changed much. It reminds me when everything went “to the Extreme” in the 90’s. Crazy panels! Big guns! Explosions! Line art which made no sense! Bad dialogue! It’s all here. The fact it has the “Best Action Comic Ever” stamped on the cover must be a joke, because the action in this issue is horribly drafted and delivered.

The opening bout against the Cobra villain Cesspool, the CPO of Cobra. The Chief… Pollution… Officer… He immediately spills his guts about corrupt SuperPACs, shell companies, and tax-evading corporations, bares a not-at-all subtle reference to politics. Geez man. I’m all for the jab at our current government composition, but at least make it somewhat entertaining?

I had hope this series will go far, but IDW already announced it has been canceled by issue #3.

In other words, don’t bother picking up the other two issues.

Scarlett’s Strike Force #1 is now available at comic book retailers everywhere.