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WWE Network Recap: 2018 Elimination Chamber

The pre-show saw The Balor Club get the win. Yay!

The main card begins with The Women’s Elimination Chamber. Damn good match. DAMN GOOD. Kicks off with Bayley against Sonya Deville. Mandy comes in next, but is then eliminated when Sasha Banks arrives and forces her to tap out. Mickie James comes in fifth, and is eliminated right after Deville goes out. Alexa Bliss is out last,  and while it seemed Bayley and Banks would have teamed up, the Boss showed true colors and was instrumental in Bayley’s elimination. In the end, Bliss would come out on top.

Well-paced, well-done, great story told. A+

The Bar retains the Tag Team Championships against Titus Worldwide

Not a great match, but not horrible. Titus and Apollo showed their best tonight and I’m thinking this won’t be the last time Titus Worldwide gets a title match. The Revival just isn’t ready yet, so it’ll be another PPV before the next team gets a chance.  B-

Asuka defeated Nia Jax

Then Jax lost her marbles and mauled Asuka post-match. Match was fantastic. Easy A. Jax beat the hell out of Asuka, no-selling practically everything thrown. Only downsides were a couple spots which looked like Jax actually landed hard on Asuka, one spot where she came down on a suplex and looked like Asuka was squished. Shame Jax won’t see a title match anytime soon, but the pinfall victory was clean and everyone still looked good.

“Woken” Matt Hardy defeated Bray Wyatt

Very entertaining. Finally, Hardy gets a clean W over El Creepo. So far, all matches have been solid and this one held consistent. This was hard to tell who would win. There is really nothing being gained by either, nothing on the line, no title chance, just a feud. Funny spot when Wyatt does his upside down bit, and Matt Hardy eggs the crowd to applause. I was laughing hard. Wyatt’s attempt at Sister Abigail failed, and Hardy turned around into the Twist of Fate for the win. Solid B+ match

Contract signing with Ronda Rousey: Eh, not bad. Angle played the role of causing the animosity build, reminding everyone about WrestleMania 31, and how, Triple H and Steph want to get a leg over Rousey. Well, things went south fast, Rousey winds up plowing Triple H through a table, and Stephanie runs. Major problem was Rousey on the mic. Very awkward.  This was a C segment.

Men’s Elimination Chamber to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania

Match starts with Miz, Rollins, and Balor.  Cena doesn’t get much in. It also seems like Cena is going to join Matt Hardy and possibly go unhinged in the near future. Strowman eliminated Miz first. Elias out second, and in a shock, Cena is third to bid the chamber adieu. Balor goes out fourth, followed by Rollins. Yep, all eliminated by Braun Strowman.  It is at this moment we cringe with anxiety Reigns will somehow win. The match was well done to this point. But then, Strowman accidentally plows himself through a chamber wall. A series of superman punches and spears in succession, spells the end of Braun Strowman, the end of the match, and the end of our hopes for avoiding the WrestleMania main event of Reign vs. Lesnar. The crowd boos, fans sigh in despair, and we get the prepared graphic of Reigns vs. Lesnar.

Maybe Reigns will win at Mania, only to lose it to Strowman the night after on RAW.

At least we get to see Strowman lose his marbles and powerslam Reigns over and over. Exclamation point as Strowman lobs Reigns through a chamber wall. Haha!



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