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NXT Takeover New Orleans: Top That!

Every time I think that NXT cannot top themselves with these takeover events, they prove me wrong. Here’s the thing – we all love the match quality on these cards, but I love these takeovers for different reasons. Tonight, Takeover New Orleans told compelling story mixed with their top matches. Everybody seemed to bring their A-game. Well, let’s get down to it.

NXT North American Championship (Ladder Match) — Adam Cole, Velveteen Dream, EC3, Killian Dain, Lars Sullivan & Ricochet: NXT needs a second title with the amount of talent that was coming it. The ladder match did not disappoint and you couldn’t have debuted the North American Championship. All six men got to show off their styles and have their moments. The new blood, EC3 and Ricochet got to stand out in their spots. There were some crazy highlights – Velveteen Dream’s massive elbow drop off the large ladder, both Lars and Dain using men to go through men on top of ladders, Lars and Dain using Ricochet as a shot put. Countless spots that you can name.

If anything, this match shows you how bright the future of NXT is and that these feuds have extra meat to them because there’s a title involved. I would have thought that Adam Cole would be the next in line for the main title, but with Drew Galloway hinting that he was going to challenge, this is a good hold over for him. He can make a good feud with any of the five men he just faught.

NXT women’s championship — Shayna Baszler def. Ember Moon (c) via submission: This match continued the story from their first match in January. This time, Ember was the aggressor and hit Shayna’s arm. Shayna was the one who had to overcome adversity. The NXT bully was vulnerable – including where she pops her shoulder back into the socket (ouch). Only one person has kicked out of the Eclipse – but, Shayna did a beautiful counter into the rear naked chokehold. Amber didn’t tap – she passed out, so that preserved her as well as asserted Shayna’s dominance.

I would guess that Ember Moon is due for a call up. I would love to see her continue a feud with Asuka because there’s still story there. Who is going to be the soul that challenges Shayna next? Could it be a certain pirate princess?

NXT tag team championship (Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic final) — The Undisputed Era v Authors of Pain v. Roderick Strong & Pete Dunne: Adam Cole was already busted up from the match earlier and the Authors of Pain took care of him early. Kyle O’ Reily went strong by himself for a little bit before he got overpowered.

Roderick Strong finally came home. The Undisputed Era tried to recruit him earlier and it didn’t happen. With Bobby Fish hurt, the ROH stable is complete. Here’s the thing – Roddy is still after title gold. Given just what happened, I would love to see a Roderick Strong/Pete Dunne feud for the UK title. These two men would have great matches.

NXT championship — Aleister Black v Andrade “Cien” Almas”: Now, if it wasn’t for the Gargano/Ciampa match, this would have been a good closer to the show. Andrade altered his style a bit to match Aleister’s stiff punches and kicks. There were some acrobatics, but the story was that Andrade wanted to beat Aleister at this own game.

Then there was Zelina Vega. The usual x-factor in these matches. She was able to interfere twice (with nasty Spike-Rana), but the third time wasn’t the charm. It backfired and Aleister caught Andrade sleeping. I had two schools of thought: both men could move up to the main roster right now. Aleister will probably stick around until next takeover or even have a rematch against Andrade. You would have to think there might be a rift between him and Zelina. Then again, Drew Galloway?

Johnny Gargano v. Tommasso Ciampa in unsanctioned match: This was the blood feud that everybody was waiting for. Let’s start with Tommasso’s entrance. No music, just boos from the crowd. Incredible. This should be his music. Just fans chanting obscenities at him. Is there a more hated heel in the WWE? This is a match that added the brutality as it went on. It was a slow build, but then it gripped you. Each man gave everything in their tool box. Even the crazy Project Ciampa off the top on the previously injured leg.

The best part of the match was towards the end. Ciampa gets a little cocky and exposes his leg. Johnny gets the upper hand and for a brief moment, ponders “what the hell are we doing?” These men have 13 years of history. On the pre-show, Candice LeRae played up that Ciampa was in their wedding. Would there be a brief moment of reprieve? Nope.

Johnny uses Ciampa’s brace to get him to tap. What a great exclamation point to a match that had you on the edge of your seat at the end. Johnny Gargano has been involved in two MOTY candidates on consecutive takeover shows. I’m not sure where this feud goes. Johnny Wresting is back in NXT – but for how long? Daniel Bryan came out and said he wants him on Smackdown. Imagine the matches those two can have.

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