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The Top Sketches from Amy Schumer’s SNL Hosting Gig

Amy Schumer Hosts SNL
Photo Credit: Will Heath/NBC

Host – Amy Schumer

I feel like there are a lot of people out there that are invested in hating Amy Schumer and I think most of the hate is undeserved. I think people put excess pressure on her because she is the top earning female comedian (in 2017) and I think a lot of people would rather it was someone else who had the title. But, it isn’t and I think she is a good comedian that probably gets too much scrutiny.

As for the episode, I really liked it. There were really only one or two sketches (and a boring musical guest) that I could complain about. Otherwise, this was a strong episode with some great sketches. Feel free to show the below sketches and segments to your friends and family without being afraid of boring and frustrating them.

“Mother Knows Best”

This is a game show sketch where teens and their mothers get together to play a newlywed game style game. Two fo the pairs are normal, but one of the pairs is of a mother and son who are disturbing close. It’s a very funny sketch where Kate McKinnon turns her Tilda Swinton weirdness to 11 and really sells the premise.

“The Day You Were Born”

This is a sketch about how parents lie to their children about how difficult it can be to have kids. It is a common comedic premise that Amy Schumer and Mikey Day mostly sell with their strong performances.

Muscial Guest – Kacey Musgrave

She looks tall. I think the pair of pants she wore made her look tall.



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