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Review: Black Moth Super Rainbow, ‘Panic Blooms’

Black Moth Super Rainbow Panic Blooms

Black Moth Super Rainbow is one of the most enigmatic and enthralling bands in the music world right now. Their trademark fuzzy “liquid goth/outsider pop” style has fascinated listeners and developed a cult following across the country from their humble beginnings in the woods of Pennsylvania.

On Panic Blooms, bandleader TOBACCO (songwriting, vocals) and his cohorts (keyboardist The Seven Fields of Aphelion, drummer Iffernaut, guitarist Ryan Graveface, and bassist Pony Driver bring to life a kaleidoscope of rainy, downtempo organic-electronic hypnotism wrapped in beautiful melancholy.

In true BMSR form, the music is almost childlike and videogame-esque, conjuring images of vibrating meadows and pastel trees. Their music has always had a strong component that brings the listener to images of nature, focusing on the healing power of the world around us. The pensive nature of Panic Blooms follows this trend, inducing relaxation and a thoughtful state of mind, helpful for meditation or simply recharging the spirit. Gloopy, dripping lo-fi psychedelia meets acid-drenched trip-pop in a beautiful, swirling technicolor haze.

Melting in and out of the juicy soundscape is TOBACCO’s supremely catchy sense of melody, always managing to surprise with his vocals while sounding familiar. He has definitely made a sound all his own, and hearing the full force of BMSR behind this new album is a real treat. Even with music as occasionally disjointed, sparse, and minimalist as BMSR, they manage to create an all-encompassing, fluidly versatile sound that is instantly recognizable as their own.

If you’re already a fan of BMSR, you’ve probably listened to the record a few times by now. If you’re just hearing of the band for the first time, Panic Blooms is an excellent starting point. It’s definitely not music you’ll hear on the radio, but once you start listening, you just can’t stop. If you’re into slowed-down, hallucinogenic, air-starts-dripping-style tunes, then this is for you. As a fun aside, the vinyl edition of Panic Blooms can be spun at both 45 and 33 RPM; it’s a very different experience when you slow it down.

One of my favorite albums of the year so far from one of my favorite groups (and one that deserves more recognition for their unique take on music), I cannot recommend Panic Blooms enough. BMSR is touring at the moment as well, so be sure to see them live and take in the experience.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Black Mother Super Rainbow is currently touring, click here for dates.


Andrew Howie
Andrew Howie
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