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Suspiria (2018): A Dissection of the Argento Adaptation’s Teaser Trailer

Dakota Johnson in Suspiria
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The Suspiria trailer has finally dropped and we have a lot of thoughts about this one.

To start, this film couldn’t look any more different from the Argento classic we have come to love. No sign of the stained glass window, no dog, no bright red, thick blood. In fact, outside of the ballet, it appears to be a different film entirely. Even Suzy is different. Jessica Harper played Suzy as curious and suspicious while Dakota Johnson doesn’t make a single facial expression, making her appear indifferent to any odd happenings at the school. Perhaps they are portraying her character as stronger and more observant, a worthy adversary for Madam Blanc. I suppose we will see.

Chloe Grace Moretz is almost unrecognizable with her short, brown, disheveled hair. I still expect her to be the Casey Becker of the film, a big name to kill off at the start to capture your attention. Tilda Swinton doesn’t look as menacing as I thought she would. She is one of those actresses that can play weird better than most, so her normal appearance throws me a bit, especially for the role of Madame Blanc, who always appears suspicious.

Despite feeling like a completely different film, the trailer does seem to capture the uncomfortable strangeness of Argento’s film. The part that captured my attention the most was at the very end when you see a female sliding up the door frame. Other than that, the trailer didn’t do much to get me excited for the upcoming release. Hopefully the next drop will include a bit of that Argento signature blood or a glimpse of the barbed wire we are all hoping stays in the film. Until then, I remain on the fence.

Suspiria 2018 hits theaters in November.


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