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Too Many Zooz: From The Subways to The Stone Pony

Too Many Zooz
Photo Courtesy of the band

Innovation comes in many forms, and can be found in the most unusual places.

Like the New York City subway system.

Busking musicians in the subways are not an uncommon sight. However, there is one group that has captivated the collective attention of the music world — Too Many Zooz.

The trio became viral video sensations when a passerby uploaded one of their performance. The band’s style, which they dub brass house, is this mind bogglingly brilliant amalgam of high energy brass and house music. The driving beat, the infectious grooves, the toe-tapping rhythms, and the furious fervor with which the trio performed grabbed the music world. Now after being incorporated into national advertising campaigns, and jamming with titans of the scene — the band hits the road.

Currently on their Zen Arcade Tour, Too Many Zooz is zig-zagging across the country, moving booties, and shaking souls with their sound. We sat down with Matt Doe of Too Many Zooz to talk about their story as they get set to play The Stone Pony on Sunday June 10.

Your sound is absolutely awesome, and completely different from anything I’ve ever heard. Can you talk about the creation of the sound you guys dub “brass house?”

Brass house is less of a genre, and more of a approach to having a conversation within music. A conversation both between the three of us, as well as one between us and the audience. Its based heavily in improvisation, and building motifs. There are elements from a lot of different musics in brass house. To me, it’s kind of like a really good DJ set played acoustically

You guys got your start playing in the New York City subways. What was the thought behind going underground, literally, to perform?

To make money. Plain and simple.

What did your time in the subways teach you as both musicians, and as people?

The subway teaches you what you need to learn. Quite simply, it’s a stage that everyone has access to… everyday. That’s hard to find. So it allowed us to go down and workshop our music and basically have daily paid rehearsals, and a place with a live audience to train in front of. Being a performer. What does that mean? The subway is a place where you can discover who you are as a story teller, and harness your ego

You guys broke out when someone’s video went viral online. Did you have any idea someone was even recording you? How did you world change when that video hit it big?

Yeah of course.. there were a bunch of people filming us pretty much anytime we played
Stuff doesn’t happen overnight. well… In a way it does, but in a way it doesn’t. I don’t know. For us it’s always just one day at a time. Keep grinding always.

Can you talk about taking your music from the subways to the stages? Was there ever growing pains? Did you have to change your style at all?

Not at all. Plug in the mics and rock ‘n’ roll. Like I said, the subway is a stage. So there were some technical transitions that we needed to accommodate to, but the aesthetic has never changed.

You released a new version of ‘Warriors’ online this year — any plans for a new record?

Yea definitely. Were sitting on a bunch of music. Cant say much more bout that right now

For those coming out to see you at The Stone Pony — what can people expect from a live Too Many Zooz show?

A sweet juxtaposition of chaos and pure beauty.

What do you love most about being in this band?

Being able to play music for a living is something I’m very grateful for. It’s easy to take for granted, and something that we’ve all worked hard to achieve. That, and just being able to tour around and share our music with the world.

What are you most excited for in 2018?

One day at a time. More shows. More records. New videos. Lots of stuff in the works.

Too Many Zooz performs at The Stone Pony on Sunday June 10. Click here for tickets.

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