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Review: My Silent Bravery, ‘Willing to Try Ch. 1’

For music lovers, getting lost in a song is one of the greatest forms of escapism. In our modern, media-saturated world, however, there are plenty of instantly-accessible options besides music for people looking to turn their minds off for a while. But what about the people who want to turn their minds back on? What about those of us who want to get found?

Matthew Wade — the singer-songwriter behind My Silent Bravery — is reaching out to those people through his music, and he’s finding them. Wade understands the power music has to connect us, to inspire, and to speak to higher truths. He calls his music “Inspirational Acoustic Alternative,” and while that may sound less-than-edgy, it feels edgy. Daring, even.

Somehow, by eschewing all traditional notions of star posturing and instead offering unguarded, honest vibes, the effect is refreshing and electric. In contrast to the slick, EDM production that colors so much of today’s pop music, My Silent Bravery delivers an unexpected impact with crisp and direct arrangements that match his earnest lyricism and let the hooks shine. Listening to his latest release, Willing To Try, Ch. 1, feels oddly comfortable, like connecting with a friend.

Across its four tracks, Wade’s messages are simple, personal, and important. On opening track, “Got It Going On,” he celebrates the experience of waking up in gratitude and boldly choosing to ride that wave all the way. Over its insistent, danceable beat, he details his appreciation for little joys like singing his favorite song, escaping a hangover, and arriving at the coffee shop to find no line. It’s #relatable and reminds us to look for the positive around us.

On “Hearts Breakdown” Wade uses a Latin-inspired rhythm to lament the fragile nature of the heart when it comes to matters of love. He doesn’t share a specific story here, but rather the shared story of our common condition. The soaring pop/rock single “18” spotlights the rekindling of an old love that sparks his nostalgia and reminds him how uncomplicated life and love can be. In the hook, he recommends blasting Bon Jovi as a cure for loneliness, and he promotes “getting high on love and caffeine.” It’s #cute, and he sells it with a lovely melodic hook.

On the emotional, string-laden closer, “Girl You Think You Know,” Wade takes on our hollow, image-obsessed culture directly, peeling back the layers of a girl stuck in the throes of social media who is sick from the pressure of it all. It’s an affecting, topical and truthful tale set to a production that gently tugs at the feels.

As Wade and My Silent Bravery prepare to release the next two chapters of Willing To Try later this year, his music continues to connect with listeners, earning him loyal fans who find something in his songs that feels all too rare:  a mirrored look into our own humanity.


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