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Happy Mondays with Alpha Rabbit

The trio Alpha Rabbit is ready to give show-goers an unrestrained and spirited performance at the Wonder Bar tonight in Asbury Park. This three-piece refuses to fit into any one genre and listeners will quickly discover how unique they are–they even trade instruments with each other during shows. You’re sure to be impressed by their versatility and talent.

The Pop Break had the opportunity to interview Alpha Rabbit to find out more about their standpoint on not having a sound, the evolution of their music and what it’s like to be up on stage performing.

Who is Alpha Rabbit? (names of your band members and the instruments you play) Alpha Rabbit is Jaime Parker on vocals, Bass, guitar, drums and accordion, Joseph ‘Dim’ Wolstenholme on vocals, guitar, bass and drums and Jake Foy on vocals, drums, guitar, synths, bass and mandolin.

After reading your bio and seeing that you’ve all agreed not to have a “sound,” I’m wondering: How do you keep your music from fitting into any one main genre? Or how do you achieve not having a specific sound? (I saw you guys perform at The Saint a couple months ago, and I do have to say, each of your songs had something completely unique about them and I found that I couldn’t really place your music in a specific genre–so I think you do a very good job at not having one particular sound): Thank you very much. We hope to do a good job at the music part, too! Sometimes it’s toss up; whether we want to explore the possibilities of switching and turning the song on its head, which has had successful results, or on the other hand, to go where the song takes us, switching be damned.

If you could think of a motto or catchphrase to capture Alpha Rabbit’s attitude or perspective on life, what would it be and why: “Some people aim for genre defining, but we are genre defying.” -Dimulatus Josephus, 29 a.d.

Do you think your sound has evolved from your debut EP until now? If so, in what ways have you noticed a progression over the past year or so: Absolutely. There has been a profound progression. We have played well over 50 shows within the past year and a half. Add rehearsing two nights a week and averaging at least four to six gigs a month, do a couple road trips and a tour, and two separate recording projects within a year then it starts to add up. We’re tight, we read each other almost intuitively at this point, so the songs reflect that.

What is your debut EP about? How would you describe this collection of songs and what they all mean to you: The Alpha Rabbit EP was our first recording of our strongest material from that point. Our baby photos if you will. It’s a snapshot of where we started to go with our upcoming record, Follow the Northern Light, which is a much stronger album.

From everyday life occurrences to personal experiences, what inspires you to create music: It comes from everyday life, surroundings, and experiences. The very occurrences around you—perhaps even overhearing a conversation can spark an idea. Musically, it comes from getting together with your partners and creating, brainstorming, and inspiring each other. You can only be a great band if you play with other people.

What is the energy like while you’re up on stage performing? What do you want to convey to listeners during your shows: Intensity, chaos, uncertainty, adrenaline, euphoria and celebration wrapped up in a schizophrenic outfit unsure of the possibilities but certain of their sound and the crowd’s reaction.

Is there any song that you find yourself connecting to the most right now? If so, what song is it and what makes it so relatable for you currently: We really enjoy playing together. We have fun in the creative process. Every song we come up with is the most fun to play. We’re really proud of “Live Like Machines” on the new album. It’s a song that got us experimenting with trying to orchestrate the parts and add more than what you would expect from a three piece group.

What’s the best part about being a member of Alpha Rabbit: The laughter.  The absence of tension. The out and out fun that we have. Being dirty and gassy in a van.

What does Alpha Rabbit have in store this summer and for the rest of 2018: We obviously have today, Monday, June 18 at the legendary Wonder Bar with Erotic Novels

However, take a trip over to Facebook, BandCamp, Instagram, or YouTube and search Alpha Rabbit. If it’s good to you, it’s good for you. You’re gonna like the way we sound.


Laura Curry
Laura Curry
Laura Curry is a Rutgers University graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Media Studies. Interviewing bands and writing about music is her passion. She is a frequent concert-goer, whether they’re happening in New Brunswick basements, Asbury Park venues, concert halls in NYC and anywhere in between. Alternative rock is her go-to genre (i.e. Kings of Leon, Cage the Elephant, Foals, The Maine and lots more). When she isn’t writing for The Pop Break, she works at the North Brunswick Public Library, which offers plenty of Fantasy/Adventure novels to quench her love of reading. Additionally, she takes on creative projects from dream catchers and scrapbooks to paintings and jewelry making. She’s always happy to talk about her furry Maine Coon cat Austen and his knack for playing fetch and hide and seek. Just try not to ask about her next career move, because trust me, she’s working on it.

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