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Claws: ‘Vaginalologist’ – This Really Is Too Much

Episode five concludes Uncle Daddy's morning and ends on the saddest note.

Claws Vaginalologist
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Uncle Daddy reaches his final stage of grief and all hell breaks loose, again.

After spending the past four episodes grieving the loss of his wife, Uncle Daddy, who is played by Dean Norris, announces his come back with a bar brawl in an upscale place filled with a bunch of homophobic southern gentlemen.

Dale Dickey, who plays his deceased wife, Juanda (or Auntie Mama), comes back to give Uncle Daddy the pep talk he needs since boy-toy Toby wasn’t cutting it. Juanda is a nurturing presence on the show and she represents an over-the-top stereotypical middle-aged southern woman, but her ghostly return makes me wonder if she will now continue on the show as Uncle Daddy’s warped consciousness.

Uncle Daddy’s maniacal comeback leads to more trouble. His sadness gave Desna and her women crew a break from the insanity. Now, though, he’s dead set on knocking Zlata off her pedestal. Bryce and Roller are backing their father up; Bryce because he’s trying to prove himself and Roller because, on top of being forced to marry Zlata’s daughter who is also his baby mama, he’s family oriented. But Uncle Daddy’s fervor to be on top again got one of his son’s shot.

In the background, Quiet Ann (Judy Reyes) is back with the cop who just arrested Dr. Ken (Jason Antoon) because of an admission Quiet Ann made. Even though, no one knows how Dr. Ken left police custody, he and his foster daughter are possibly trying to scheme a way for Polly (Carrie Preston) to get therapy sessions. And Dean made his debut as an erotic dancer.

For awhile Zlata (Franka Potente) was in the background buzzing around in lead character Desna’s ear and molding her into her right-hand woman. Director Dale Stern and Potente work their magic to convince viewers that Zlata is just a crazy crime boss who took a sincere liking to Desna (Niecy Nash).

Between Jenn’s snarky comments to Zlata and Quiet Ann’s honest thoughts about Zlata and Desna’s relationship, writers have been hinting that there’s more than the obvious with Zlata. More so, they’ve been hinting that Jimmy Jean-Louis’ character, Dr. Ruval, has a plot-twisting secret too. Tonight, both secrets reached their climax together and it was good and horrible, all at once.

Watching the writers get Desna out of this mess and then explain Dr. Ruval and Zlata is worth tuning into the next episode for.

Vaginalologist Rating: 8 out of 10

Claws airs Sundays at 9pm EST

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