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Sic Parvis Magnificent: The Uncharted Short Film is Stuff Dreams are Made Of

Oh Crap. This is good stuff.

Earlier today, the internet went nuts with news of an Uncharted short film. While an actual full length film featuring Nathan Drake has been in development hell for years, and a prequel movie starring Tom Holland is on the way, the fan film gave everyone what they wanted and more, and did it in less than a half hour.


Starring Nathan Fillion (the only man good enough to fill the shoes of the world traveler who does parkour like a pro), Stephen Lang as Sully, and with direction by Allan Ungar, the film begins Nathan bound to a chair by thugs who want something from him, naturally. Sully helps to run logistics/interference in the near distance, all building to Drake trying to locate some important documentation.

Fillion mimics the tone and presence of the video game character so well, it’s safe to call it perfect. Most would think that he is too old for the role, and while that may be true, here he doesn’t show it. Even though the film doesn’t have the big budget of Hollywood adventures, the scope and atmosphere that the games present is not lost within. Plus, Ungar squeezes in all the items necessary for what is so great about the games, from Nathan looking for clues along dodging bad guys in a gun fight. The latter showcases a sequence that will make fans of the series lose their minds in a good way.

As a huge adorer of the video games, I totally fell in love with what Ungar has given us and am glad that Fillion played the role he was born to, even if it was only 15 minutes. If you love Uncharted and haven’t seen this brief movie, stop what you’re doing (if you can) and check it out for yourself below!


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