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The Bachelorette Season 14 Episode 9 – Fantasy Suite Time

Bachelorette Season 14 Episode 9
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The Bachelorette Season 14, Episode 9 Review

It’s Fantasy Suite episode up in here! Becca mentions being in love with two men and falling in love with a third. She’s in love with Garrett and Blake, and is in love with Jason.

Date 1 –   Blake

They go onto a sacred ground where after they enter, they won’t be able to kiss or touch each other. The trail is gorgeous but all they can talk about is not being all over each other. They meet with a monk and bow. The monk gives four core pieces of advice to the couple which roughly translated to, trust each other, adapt to each other, be patient with each other, give love to each other. They ring a bell to spread their love to other people.

Dinner potion of the date. Becca and Blake discuss how good their relationship is. Becca discusses her concern with how she’s used to her good relationships crashing down, so she’s waiting for something to go wrong. Blake is being hit hard by the realization that Becca has strong feelings for some of the other guys as well as with him. They have a quick conversation about it and then Becca gives Blake card which contains a key to the Fantasy Suite. They walk off to the Fantasy Suite together.

The next day we get a dress on the floor shot. “I feel even more in love with him” Blake mentions wanting this for the rest of his life. He wants to wake up next to her every day. Blake says he’s nervous they’ll never have that again.

Date 2 –   Jason

They walk around a street faire and try eating a cricket together. Something interesting is that Becca started the date with a 2-piece dress which exposed her belly button, but as the date went along you can notice that she threw a shawl on over her stomach. At one point, Becca joked that she joked to him about buying one of the Thai statues for ‘the front of their house’ and it sat really uneasy with Becca. Almost as if she said it and then instantly regretted it.

They start the dinner portion of their date with Becca having a lot of doubt about her future with Jason, which leaves me with concerns. Jason starts pouring his heart out to Becca, about how good it felt for him to tell her that he loved her. He asks her what she’s feeling, and she brings up with statue scenario from earlier in the date. She brings up the scenario from earlier and how she had a hard time seeing a future with him. She gets up and leaves the table before rejoining him.

She tells him that it’s not that she can’t see a future with him, it’s that she can see a future with the other two guys better. He told her that he will always root for her happiness and she said she would do the same. They have a long, sad, uncomfortable goodbye. My heart is broken as I was pulling for Jason.

They cut to Becca crying and breaking down about feeling bad about letting him go. She says the line “I literally just did to him what Arie did to me” and although that’s not true, I can see where she is coming from. Becca feels like she blind-sided Jason because he wasn’t expecting it. And, although I feel bad for Jason, I would feel worse if she dragged him along knowing that he wasn’t the one for him.

Date 3 –   Garrett

They go on a rafting date where they stand on a raft and paddle through a river. Apparently, they were in Thailand during a Thai national holiday. It turned from a romantic date into a party. They sat together and kissed a bit, but Becca got a bit camera shy since they were surrounded by a ton of people. Becca mentions during the confessional that she wants to hear Garrett say that he’s in love with her.  

During the dinner portion of the date, they are in a beautiful location. They are sitting on the ground on cushions and pillows in front of a fire. They are surrounded by lanterns and a fire, the ambiance is stunning. Their discussion ranges from his first impression of her and him receiving the first impression rose. They have more conversations about meeting the family, especially his mother and sister, and Becca said she loved that his family said he was back to his old self and happy again.

Garrett says that he’s the happiest now that he’s ever been. He tells her he loves her and says to her “I hope you’re the last woman I ever have to say that to.” She hands her the invitation to the fantasy suite and they walk off together. Their fantasy suite is in a treehouse environment with a tent being the only walls they have.

They wake up together, and I’m getting Déjà vu when Garrett said “I could do this every day,” which was just exactly what Blake said after him and Becca woke up together. Garrett reiterates that he hasn’t been this happy his entire life. “If one night can make me feel this good with Becca, then I have an amazing life ahead of me.”


They cut to Jason walking through the hallway and approaching her room. She answers the door and asks for a few minutes with her. Jason said he couldn’t leave Thailand given how abruptly everything ended. Becca said that she doesn’t want him to feel that because it was abrupt, it was easy. She told him that she felt awful afterwards and that she felt like Arie.

Jason tells her that she deserves literally the best. He said he didn’t feel good about how things were ended after the date on. He also gave her a storybook that he told her not to look at while he was there. She thanked him for stopping by and I think it was good closure for the two of them. The last shot is of Becca flipping through the scrap book and tearing up.

Rose Ceremony

So, there’s still a rose ceremony, which is bizarre since no one else will be sent home this week. It was fun to watch Garrett lean over to Blake and ask, “Where do you think Jason is?” Becca mentions that even though she is in love with both of the remaining men, she will only say “I love you” to one of them.

The list of men who receive roses:

🌹 Blake

🌹 Garrett

Contestant who was cut this week:


Next Week- The Men Tell All

The Week After- The Finale in Maldives


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