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Teen Titans Go! to the Movies: The Movie the DCEU Needed

Teen Titans Go to the Movies
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This review contains spoilers

No super hero movie is safe from the hilarity that was Teen Titans Go! to the Movies. Right from the get go, the film adaption of the wacky Cartoon Network series takes shots at heroes from both the DC and Marvel Universes — and it was amazing.

After several flubs from the DC Extended Universe, (Wonder Woman notwithstanding) this movie absolutely poked fun at everything Justice League and beyond. As the movie opens we’re shown parodies of both the DCEU and MCU opening comic reels. TTGTTM absolutely destroys the Batman v Superman “Martha” scene and pokes fun at nearly every single superhero getting a movie nowadays. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

There were a number of surprise cameos as well. One them was Stan Lee — who literally makes a cameo to make fun of his cameos. Brilliant!  Another standout was the Green Lantern (Lil’ Yachty) stating that they don’t talk about the Green Lantern movie anymore.  There is also a running joke that extends to the very end of the credits at the expense of the Challengers of the Unknown. It’s pure gold.

Now, when I tell you they absolutely destroy the DC heroes, I mean that quite literally. Robin tramples The Atom before smashing and wiping him with windshield wipers. At one point (in true Teen Titan fashion), there was even a “Kryptonite Party”  used to subdue Superman (Nicholas Cage). In a sequence where the Titans have to go back in time to undo the origins of classic heroes, they even drop a soda six pack plastic ring around a baby Aquaman! There’s another time travel scene involves the Titans pushing Bruce Wayne and his parents down that infamous alley. Yikes!

Yes, there was some substance here as well. The film has a very Robin-driven storyline that I absolutely loved. Robin has always been a personal favorite in almost any incarnation. Here, Robin essentially wants his own movie and goes to great lengths to get one. This includes abandoning the Titans, which he quickly learns is a mistake. There are a few important plot points in the movie in relation to the Cartoon Network series as the Titans have finally proven their worth to the Justice League and other heroes. Additionally, the Titans “T” Tower has now been destroyed by Slade. I’m really hoping this plays into the newer episodes of the show.

Speaking of new episodes, the first end credit scene was a cryptic way of announcing the comeback of the original Teen Titans series that many fans have been begging for. I thought that was really cool, as I know many fans of the original show are not on board with the more Looney Tunes-esque Teen Titans Go! Personally, I’ve always thought it’s a fantastic way to combine a lot of the comedy with a ton of classic comic easter eggs.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the soundtrack as the Title Track “Go!” by Lil Yachty was fantastic as performed by the artist himself and the Titans.  The film also featured classics such as “Take on Me” (A-Ha) and The Back to the Future Theme.

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies may not necessarily be the movie the DC Extended Universe wanted, but it was the movie the DCEU needed. Sometimes you have to poke fun at yourself, and the Titans did just that in brilliant fashion. “Titans, GO!”

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

-Rob Crowther IV

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies is now in theaters nationwide.

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