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Live, Counting Crows Defeat Rain & Heat with 25 Years of Alt Anthems

Pop Break Live: Counting Crows, Live at The BB&T Pavilion in Camden, NJ

Words & Photos by Cathy Poulton

August 11, 2018 was an absolute brutal weather day down in Camden, NJ. The sweltering heat was only augmented by an evening downpour. It was not a fun night to be outside.

Well, that’s unless you were listening to Live and Counting Crows at The BB&T Pavilion. The duo came together to bring their vast catalog of hits to sweltering South Jersey, and made for one hell of an evening.

LIVE, who are on their Reunion Tour, played all the songs you’d expect including: “All Over You,” I Alone,” and “The Dolphin’s Cry.” They also treated the audience to their grungy new single “Love Lounge”, which got a great response from the crowd. No doubt from their reaction the release of their new album sometime later this year will be highly anticipated.

The Counting Crows blended a bunch of fan favorites such as “Omaha,” Round Here,” “Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby,” “Round Here” and “A Long December.” Lead singer Adam Duritz did an awesome job of telling the stories behind the creation and inspiration of a number of these songs.

For anyone who loves the music of the 90’s, the night was a nice nostalgic ride.


Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby
Daylight Fading
Good Time
Hard Candy
God of Ocean Tides
Washington Square
Round Here
Recovering the Satellites
Goodnight L.A.
A Long December

Palisades Park
Rain King
Holiday in Spain


All Over You
Love Lounge
Pain Lies on the Riverside
The Dolphin’s Cry
Selling the Drama
Baby What You Want Me to Do (Jimmy Reed cover)
The Distance
I Alone
Lakini’s Juice
White, Discussion

Heaven (Ed solo acoustic)
Turn My Head
Lightning Crashes


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