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Review: Leviathan #2

There will be spoilers from Issue #1 of Leviathan. If you haven’t read the first issue please wait to read this review. Unless of course you like spoilers.

Leviathan #2

In Issue #1 we got to meet Ryan and his friends. They all seemed pretty normal. Even the goth friend that Ryan’s girlfriend didn’t really want to invite to their party. The jerk drank all the beer so Ryan had to make a beer run. It’s hard to enjoy a party without beer for this group.

While Ryan is out Goth Jimmy decides that he’s bored. And, he draws up an old school magic sigil. Shortly after a massive mutant dinosaur appears and goes Godzilla on the city. The monster destroys Ryan’s apartment. And, just as Ryan was going to propose to his girlfriend, a dinosaur more or less crushes her.

Now you’re all caught up and this issue starts with Ryan at the hospital and the prognosis for his girlfriend is not good guys. The doc tells Ryan she’s basically brain dead. And, instructs him to go home and get some rest. Ryan does just that but while he was worrying about Vee he forgot that their apartment building was destroyed.

And, to make matters worse before he really has time to even gather his thoughts dinosaurs come running towards him. This time they’re not quite as large as the beast that shot fire. Ryan is in luck because some guys in giant robots are taking down the dinosaurs. Ryan has had really great timing so far.

And, question, since when do dinosaurs breathe fire? Well, it’s a comic so I guess I shouldn’t be too worried about that. Even though this comic talks about the end of the world and dinosaurs it’s still freaking funny the way things play out.

This issue answered a lot of questions about the dinosaurs. And, we learned quite a bit about the government and how much power they have. I mean guys really…giant robots with chainsaws. Obviously if you are into giant fights between bots and dinosaurs you need to read this.

Leviathan is like Godzilla meets Supernatural and Neon Genesis Evangelion. I could see it translate well onto the big screen.

Rating: 8/10 

Leviathan #2 is now available at comic book retailers everywhere.

Sheena Fisher
Sheena Fisher
Sheena Fisher AKA cosplayer Sheena Bot. She and her husband have been making cosplay magic since 2008. She has been consistently writing comic reviews for titles Harley Quinn, Supergirl, and Rat Queens. Sheena and her husband like to collect money for charities at different conventions during the weekend. By day she works as an Enrollment Agent at MorphoTrust. She is a Fairmont State University graduate with a bachelor's degree in Family & Consumer Sciences. Follow her on Faceboook: sheenabotcosplay

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