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Staff Reactions: The Second Halloween 2018 Trailer

The latest trailer for Halloween dropped this week, and our resident horror aficionados, whose love for the genre sprung from viewing the original Michael Myers film, are weighing in.

Ann Hale: I’ve watched the new trailer six times…well to be honest six times was the amount of time I watched it in the morning when the trailer dropped. No matter how many times I’ve seen it, it has not stopped giving me goosebumps. Michael looks more brutal and cold than ever before.

It is really cool to see Laurie Strode, a woman who has been looked at as a paranoid victim all these years, prepared for Michaels expected return with dozens of guns and panic doors. She has gone from being frightened to fierce, seemingly absorbing a bit of her hero, Dr Loomis, along the way.

I love that we get little bits and pieces of the films in the original series. We see the clothes line with sheets from the original film, the woman in the robe making a sandwich in the kitchen from Halloween II, the Silver Shamrock trick or treaters from Halloween III, the sheriff working alongside Laurie (normally Loomis) like in Halloween 4 and 5 and the bathroom scene and Laurie’s “Get inside!” from H20. They may want us to ignore that the other 9 films exist for the purpose of the story, but they put in those little Easter eggs for the fans to respect the fact that those films do exist and are still important to us.

I haven’t been this excited about a film in a long time. I have been a Halloween fan since childhood and I cannot wait to see Michael and Laurie face off again. If they do kill off Laurie, I just hope it will be done more respectfully than in Resurrection.

Josh B. Taylor:  I watched the trailers as I was getting ready for work, and was blown away! I had to watch it again, and also watch the international trailer that was released as well, (shows a few more clips, but not anything to say it gives much away from the film, or spoils anything before the films release).

The beginning of this trailer had me hooked, and geeking out to see the homage of Mrs. Elrod’s character, (as Michael Myers makes his way into her house). Also really appreciated/geeked out when I saw two trick-or-treaters wearing two of the Silver Shamrock masks from Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. Love seeing Laurie Strode (Curtis) get into survival mode, and prepare to hunt down Myers for the ultimate fight between good and evil!

Now after watching the trailer, I wish that I acted soon on pre-ordering the novelization, for the new Halloween film, from Dark Delicacies, and the deluxe vinyl record soundtrack from Sacred Bones.

This new trailer has me even more excited than I thought I could be for this film, and ready to head back to Haddonfield, Illinois on October, 19th!

If you want to read Ann Hale’s thoughts on the initial trailer, click here.

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