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American Horror Story: Apocalypse, ‘Could It Be…Satan’ Proves That Fans Aren’t Satisfied with Just Okay

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Ever wonder how the Antichrist spent his teenage years? Well lucky for you American Horror Story is here to answer that question…in a somewhat unnecessary way.

In an episode truly best described as a filler, we finally get that confrontation with the coven witches (well, really, just three of them), and Langdon, the literal Devil in disguise, just to throw back to flashbacks that we really didn’t need or want.

Sadly, Murphy and company really want to drag this out for as long as they possibly can, so they gave us more complicated story development mixed in with some satisfying scenes with our favorite witches. I know, I know I’m being harsh right off the bat but for a season supposed to be all about a crossover event that fans have been waiting since season one for, we sure as hell are getting a lot of nothing.

Honestly, as a whole this episode isn’t bad.

The acting is great, especially by Cody Fern who is really giving his all in this performance while still managing a very cool aloofness that the Antichrist should possess. Meanwhile, any scene with Frances Conroy in it is already an amazing thing to behold, but why take this long to build up situations we as the audience just really aren’t interested in?  I understand the need to set up the plot for this season, but this is something we could have done back in episode one without introducing annoying characters I don’t even want to write about and giving flashbacks where they just aren’t necessary.

I will admit, the prison scene with Langdon is great; you truly see how evil this person is, while also reminding viewers of someone very near and dear to their hearts, *cough* Tate *cough*. But is the Warlock school necessary? We get the political satire and the jokes about men not feeling in power compared to women ha-ha, but its been done before, and sorry but its been done better. I get it needed to set up the coven witches interaction with him and to show his power, but couldn’t have this been done in a simpler way and involved more Murder House?

Listen, I’m not trying to be a troll or bash anything or anyone’s creative outlets.  I love Ryan Murphy and I love this Infinity War style cast situation he has going on this season, but the problem here is I AM a fan. A fan of all his work, especially the early seasons of Horror Story, so I know he can do better and I know he knows it.

I am one small voice in a river of others who just want this season to be everything we’ve dreamed of, and while I know this sounds like an impossible task, for Mr. Murphy, I know it isn’t.

So please, cut out all this unnecessary plot development and give the fans what they want…More coven, more Murder House, and please for the love of god, more Jessica Lange.

Overall rating: 5 out of 10


Laura Dengrove
Laura Dengrove
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