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The 6 Best Video Games for Digital Nomads

Written by Katie Green

While we can all agree that the life of a digital nomad has a strong appeal, it’s also important to know it’s not all sunshine and roses. Not every trip goes perfectly and there are waiting times you can’t avoid. However, it pays to have access to quality entertainment while you wait or for when it rains, and you can’t go out to take awesome pictures.

So, if you’re looking to kill some time and have some fun while doing it, below we compiled a list of the most-recommended games for digital nomads (by nomads).

Games for Mobile Devices

As a traveler, the device that will be closer to you is the phone, so why not pack it with some great games that will save you from the monotony of long flights and slowly-moving queues?

Lara Croft: GO

Who doesn’t love a bit of adventure while looking for rare relics? So, while your body is stuck in an airport let your mind wander in caves, forgotten ruins, and dangerous lands with Lara Croft. The game is available for Android an iOS and brings an array of cool puzzles, enemies, and sorts of rivalries to keep you busy and connected.

The game is not as high-quality as the one designed for PC and/or console, but it is challenging and provides plenty of cool moments.


Most digital nomads travel alone, which is why the game may have a certain appeal. You may also sympathize with the main character because he/she is lost in a doomsday world and is looking to find its way home.

While no one wants to be lost in a strange world, as a digital nomad, you run this risk at higher levels. So why not help the poor fellow get home and hope someone else will do the same for you when you’ll get lost.


Threes is for those moments when you feel the brain is slowly dying of boredom and nothing, but a math problem could awake it! Well, you’ll only need to know how to add in order to make multiples of three.

The game is simple and extremely cute because the numbers have all sorts of personalities. Also, it’s free and available on both iOS and Android.

Browser Games

These are for those times when you’re confined to a hotel due to rain/snow/extreme temperatures (pick one as you’ll most surely experience it). So, when there’s nothing else to do on your laptop, try one of the games below.

Drift Hunters

The game is great for players who love adventure and like car games. You’ll drive some pretty cool cars while finding the best ways to make spectacular drifts (you get points for the best drifts).

Now, Drift Hunters may not be the most original idea in the world, but the physics is close to reality and the game tries to emulate the 3D world. Overall, it is a great time killer and gets your adrenaline levels high.


An online indie game designed for those of you who love CS: GO but don’t have access to it. As you already deduced, Krunker.io is a First Person Shooter game that puts you in a team with other online players. The mission is simple: annihilate the other team and win the battle.

The game loads fast and will keep you glued to the screen for several hours, which means you won’t care it’s raining outside.

Vikings Village

Another great indie game, Vikings Village is fun and helps relieve all that stress you accumulate while traveling. As the name suggests, you’ll be immersed in the world of Vikings, where everyone gets their asses kicked if they call someone a ginger (and yes, they are all gingers).

While it may sound a bit violent, there’s something quite peaceful about bashing a pixel Viking’s head for no reason! So, don’t dismiss it before you try it.

At the end of the day, any game can make a bad day look better, but these are the most recommended when it comes to keeping your mood elevated.

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