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Bob Weir & Wolf Bros’ Epic Two-Night Stand Turns Red Bank into Dead Bank

Pop Break Live: Bob Weir and Wolf Bros. at The Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, NJ

Photos by Matt Heasley

The power of The Grateful Dead is undeniable, and when a member of the band comes to the Jersey Shore, you know t-shirts emblazoned with skulls and dancing bears will be out in droves.

This was absolutely the case during Bob Weir & Wolf Bros two-night stand at Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, New Jersey on March 13 and 14.

The band’s set included a number of Dead covers plus covers from Rob Wasserman’s catalog along with a handful of Dylan covers and a cover of Kris Kristoferson’s ‘Me and Bobby McGee.’

For those unfamiliar with Wolf Bros — they are Jay Lane, and Don Was. Lane is a founding member of Bob Weir’s RatDog. He also drummed with Weir in Furthur, and has performed with Rob Wasserman and Weir in the band of Scaring the Children.

Was is a prolific producer who has worked with everyone from Dylan to The Stones to John Mayer and Ringo Starr. He was also a part of the 80s group Was Not Was.

In regards to the band, Weir said this in a piece last year on JamBase.

“Wolf Bros is something that really took its roots back in the spring of 2015 when Don Was came up to TRI and helped us piece together Dead & Company. For a while now I’ve been itchin’ to explore our songs in a trio setting. An upright bass, my acoustic or electric guitar and a drummer. We did some rehearsals this past spring and it was big fun—and that’s the whole idea. We were kickin’ around Dead songs as well as tunes from my back pages. I’m pretty sure we’re gonna have a big adventure with this…”

Set 1:

Only a River
The Winners (Weir & Wasserman cover)
Jack Straw (Grateful Dead song)
Tennessee Jed (Grateful Dead song)
Maggie’s Farm (Bob Dylan cover)
Shade of Grey
Weather Report Suite (Grateful Dead song)
Let It Grow (Grateful Dead song)

Set 2:
Me and Bobby McGee (Kris Kristofferson cover)
Lost Sailor (Grateful Dead song)
Play Video
Saint of Circumstance (Grateful Dead song)
All Along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan cover)
I Need a Miracle (Grateful Dead song)
Looks Like Rain
The Music Never Stopped (Grateful Dead Cover)
Easy Answers (Rob Wasserman cover with Sasha Dobson into ‘The Music Never Stopped’ reprise)

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Bob Dylan cover with Sasha Dobson)


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