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Million Dollar Mile Review: Lebron James’ New Series is a Lame Version of American Ninja Warrior

Million Dollar Mile
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Million Dollar Mile, produced by LeBron James and hosted by Tim Tebow aims to be a show that features athletes completing outstanding athletic feats. All of the contestants are amateur athletes who are trying to get through an obstacle course while be “chased” by a world class professional athlete.

Millionaire Dollar Mile poses the question, can we take the premise of American Ninja Warrior, change it and put an interesting carrot at the end of it. The premise of the show is simple enough, complete a mile-long obstacle course while being chased by an elite athlete, if you can you win $250,000 with a chance a to win million dollars.

The course features five obstacles that the runner can chose to run through in whatever order they wish. At any time, the contestant can exit the course by scaling a 15-story building by rope and then ziplining down for a final spring. For every obstacle conquered the contestant gets more money. The catch is that two minutes are the contestant starts, a “defender” is released who runs a parallel obstacle course, and if at any point they finish before the contestant, they’re out.

The show has an interesting premise but falls short in its execution. What should be an intense game of tag turns into a “ghost run” that does not provide for much tension. The show featured four races and in all of them it was clear what the result would be. The fact that the course only has five obstacles, most of which are not seen because, most of the time, the runner bails before completing all of them.

Additionally, if the runner fails any of the obstacles they are not eliminated, rather they have to start the obstacle over, which also removes some of the tension. Watching the defenders, who are the professional athletes chasing the runners, complete the obstacles is fun because they are so good at it, but that’s the only interesting part. Unfortunately, the defenders are so good that none of the runners even had a chance, so there was no chance to see this show develop.

In terms of commentary there are two commentators who are fine, they don’t really add any personality. Tim Tebow is devoid of anything interesting to say, it feels like he’s there to be Tim Tebow. All he does is shout the entire team doing his best impersonation of someone trying to sound smart by shouting.

Unfortunately, Million Dollar Mile has an interesting idea but refuses to deliver on what would be the best part, adult tag for money. The whole time I was watching this show I couldn’t stop thinking “I should just be watching American Ninja Warrior.” I hate to completely compare this show to American Ninja Warrior but it’s hard not to. Unfortunately, this show doesn’t have any personalities, the obstacles aren’t fun, and there’s no tension to be found.

I wish I could recommend Million Dollar Mile, but it’s honestly a mess. The races aren’t fun to watch, the obstacles are boring, Tim Tebow shouting borders on insufferable, and there is no tension. Stay away!

Million Dollar Mile airs Wednesday nights on CBS.

DJ Chapman
DJ Chapman
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