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The Walking Dead Season 9 Finale Review: A Strong Ending to a Surprisingly Strong Season

The Walking Dead Season 9 Finale
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Written by Josh B. Taylor

The Season Nine finale of The Walking Dead has come and gone, and I’ve got to say this was a strong ending to a very exciting/intense season. This has been one of the most entertaining seasons in a while. The new ‘big bad’ The Whisperers did not disappoint, at all, and thankfully, all the episodes were well done.

So with that being said, look at the season finale. Last week we had the infamous heads-on-a-spike moment. That was a shocking moment to finally see, but I didn’t care for some of those that ended up on a spike. So, I wasn’t that emotionally invested in that moment. We’ve past that moment and the survivors now have to deal with a winter storm. At Alexandria, they get together in one location to start a fire. This leads Father Gabriel to say that they can’t leave Negan in his cell, unless they wanted him to freeze down there. The Kingdom has pretty much fell apart. The bad water pipes along with the death of Henry have put a strain on Carroll and Ezekiel’s relationship. They decide to head out to Hilltop, and that means that they have to cross The Whisperers border. While the Kingdom’s people are nervous about crossing the border out of fear that they might start a war, they’re left with no option and ultimately cross over the border.

Meanwhile at Alexandria, where the survivors were trying to keep warm, there was a problem with the chimney, so they decided to travel to Aaron’s house. Judith was worried about Darryl’s dog, couldn’t find him and wanted to still be able to take care of it while Darryl was gone. As they’re heading out to Aaron’s house, she hears him barking and breaks away from the group to try and rescue him. The snow is coming down harshly, and Negan runs out to try and get her back to save her from the rough conditions. There we see the frozen walkers, and a change in Negan’s character.

What I really enjoyed from this episode was the frozen walkers. It was amazing to see that some were frozen solid and couldn’t move, but they were still able to groan and make noise. It was brutal to see them get struck by either a knife, or shot with an arrow, and their heads shattered like frozen chunks of ice. Also really loved the “Return of the Living Dead” Easter egg in tonight’s episode.

If Season 10 is as entertaining as season nine has been, then I look forward to checking that out! Wonder if the whisperer war will start to develop, or begin that season? Also wonder if at the very end of the episode with someone on the other end of the radio trying to reach out to the survivors is either Maggie or Rick?

Guess we’ll find out in October.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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