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The RAW After Mania Recap!

The night kicks off celebration style as Seth Rollins basks in the live crowd adulation of having slayed the beast that was Brock Lesnar. This celebration is interrupted by Kofi Kingston and the New Day. Big E. is hysterical during the segment. The crowd is hyped to see both Kofi and Rollins standing there as new champions. Well deserved. This gets intense fast, as it is Kofi Kingston challenging Seth Rollins to another “winner take all” match in tonight’s main event.

My guess, a McMahon halts it, or a major return or NXT call up disrupts the match. I have no doubt the match will be good.

Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins retain the RAW Tag Team Championships

Well, I’m happy to be wrong. While I predicted Ryder and Hawkins winning at Mania, I had predicted a loss the night after. I thought maybe the Authors of Pain would return. Well, once again, Hawkins wins using his finishing move, the rollup from behind to retain. Unbelievable.

#BaconRorbin is out to gloat about defeating Kurt Angle. This is interrupted by Angle who wishes him luck in his future.

Bad Luck. Angle hits the Olympic Slam and slaps on the ankle lock. A Corbin taps, music hits, and out comes Lars Sullivan. Going to assume WWE will go with the one-name shtick and just call him “Lars.” Lars slams Angle down and then hits a top rope headbutt.

Alexa Bliss defeats Bayley

Earlier on Twitter, Bliss challenges the former Women’s Tag Team Champions to a match, and Bayley answers. Bliss is back and wins with a DDT.

It was announced earlier tonight, but I’ll mention it now – Next week is the SuperStar Shake-Up. This means rosters will get shuffled, teams broken up, and champions relocating.

Becky Lynch is in the ring to celebrate, telling Rousey if she ever wants to crawl back for a rematch, its an open invitation. However, Lacey Evans opts to invite herself to the ring, where she sucker-punches Lynch. This turns into a bad, bad idea and Lynch chases her down, locking her in the Dis-Arm-Her.

Finally, Evans did something.

Aleister Black & Ricochet vs. Glorious Bobby Roode & Chad Gable

Good match, and glad to see Roode and Gable not in a complete jobbing scenario tonight. They looked much better, and developing a heel-attitude will likely see them featured more often. Good match, good outcome, good post-match fight.

Elias is upset about last night. Says “there will be hell to pay” for anyone who dares interrupt. This better be good.

With very little hype, this is Dean Ambrose’s final match in WWE. His match with Bobby Lashley never hears a bell ring as Lashley taunts to Renee Young, setting off the Lunatic Fringe. The brawl goes to the entrance ramp where Lashley plows Ambrose though the announce table. Despite the beating, the crowd chants of “Thank you Ambrose” are somewhat consolation.

Creepy promo, showing a shipping box with smoke emitting from it. Out pops a puppet of a vulture. My guess, is Bray Wyatt is back. 

Sami Zayn is back! He’s in the ring and since he missed WrestleMania, he wants a match! Out comes Finn Balor and this match will be for the Intercontinental Championship!

Michael Cole asked Renee Young about Ambrose before the match begins, and she does not want to discuss it. Possible future angle?

Finn Balor defeated Sami Zayn

Not a bad match, but not great either. A bit slower than one would have thought. It was the post match which was pure gold. Zayn feigns missing the ring, but then goes all “woke” on the live NY crowd about how WWE is a toxic environment because of the fans. How suddenly the fans and their social media whining seem to decree the fate of the program and how all he plans on doing is going in the ring and working his ass off. His tirade is unbelievable and you should watch on YouTube. His closing line was right to the heart of it… “See you in hell.”

Backstage: Dana Brooke says she is going to make her way to face Becky Lynch for the titles.

Elias Rests In Peace

In the ring, Elias makes the statement, the next person who dares interrupts, is a “DEAD MAN.”


Right on cue, timed perfectly, is the GONG of the UNDERTAKER. No fake outs here, the dead man is live on WWE RAW and for a moment Elias seems to leave, but then comes back in and eats a size 16 big boot. Chokeslam. Tombstone. It’s all over.


Winner Take All Championship Match: WWE Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Universal Champion Seth Rollins

Unfortunately, what started out as a really good match turned into a tag team match when Cesaro and Sheamus interfered. Major bummer, and the live crowd totally lost interest. In case you weren’t sure, the “we want beach balls” chant was a solid giveaway. Rollins and Kofi win after hitting finishers on Sheamus.

Well. A few high spots to RAW, the call up of Lars Sullivan and finally Lacey Evans doing something other than catwalking. The biggest shock of the night goes to THE UNDERTAKER appear the night after WrestleMania.

Not the best follow up to Mania. Usually the RAW after has some pretty big moments, but it seems it might be saved later for SmackDown or next week when the rosters rotate.




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