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Trey Anastasio Band Makes a Most Triumphant Return to Brooklyn Bowl


Pop Break Live: Trey Anastasio Band at The Brooklyn Bowl

Photos by Matt Heasley

This was one hell of a return.

The Trey Anastasio Band (aka TAB) returned to the road after a near two-year hiatus with shows at in New York City, Brooklyn, and New Haven, CT.

The band’s return began on April 26 after the official premiere of the Trey documentary Between Me & My Mind at the Beacon Theatre. April was a busy month for Trey, as he just got done performing with Ghosts of the Forest.

On April 29, Pop Break was able to get into one of his exclusive shows at Brooklyn Bowl and captured his epic two-set return to the iconic rock hall. The band made their venue debut on August 16, 2014 for show that was filmed for a PBS music special.

The Trey Anastasio band consisted of Russ Lawton (drums), Tony Markellis (bassi), Ray Paczkowski (keys), Cyro Baptista (percussion), and a horn section consisting of Jennifer Hartswick, Natalie Cressman, and James Casey.

Set 1:
Blaze On (Phish cover)
Alive Again (Trey Anastasio song)
Liquid Time (Phish cover)
Burlap Sack and Pumps (Trey Anastasio song)
Night Speaks to a Woman (Trey Anastasio song)
Curlew’s Call (Trey Anastasio song)
Dark and Down (Trey Anastasio song)
First Tube (Phish cover)
Speak to Me (Trey Anastasio song)

Set 2:
Money, Love and Change (Trey Anastasio song)
Last Tube (Trey Anastasio song)
Land of Nod (Trey Anastasio song)
Alaska (Phish cover)
In Rounds (Trey Anastasio song)
Shine (Trey Anastasio song)
Rise/Come Together

Drifting (Trey Anastasio song)
Ghost (Phish cover)


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