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The House Pop Break: ‘The Last of the Starks’ aka Everybody Hates This Show Now?

Valar Morghulis! Welcome Ladies! Lords! Direwolves! Dragons! This is the 4th episode of The House Pop Break — ThePopBreak.com’s official weekly Game of Thrones Season 8 review podcast.

This week, editor-in-chief Bill Bodkin is joined by the site’s longest tenured writers Logan J. Fowler, and the woman who brought GOT to the site — Kimberlee Rossi-Fuchs. The trio discuss the wildly divisive and controversial 4th episode of the final season, ‘The Last of the Starks.’

The group looks at why people have turned on the series, the writing, the very real controversies, the Starbucks cup, and if they still have faith this show can stick the landing.

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