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The House Pop Break: The Game of Thrones Series Finale Review

Lords! Ladies! Dragon! Welcome to the House Pop Break — the official Game of Thrones Podcast for ThePopBreak.com. This episode marks that our watch is now over. We talk about the Season 8 finale of GOT which marks the conclusion of the entire series.

Editor-in-Chief Bill Bodkin, senior staff writer Josh Sarnecky, original GOT columnist for the site Kimberlee Rossi-Fuchs, and managing editor Al Mannarino ride into the ashes of King’s Landing to talk about the controversial episode. They discuss the assassination of Dany, Jon Snow’s indecision, Bran the Broken, the disappointments of the episode, and which characters met the best end.

The foursome also discuss GOT Season 8 as a whole, and how this and Season 7 impacted the overall legacy of the series.

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